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It’s simple to be safe!

Safety is an important concern for anyone choosing a bank.

Kotak 811 understands this pressing concern of its customers in the wake of growing security threats and works tirelessly to ensure maximum security for its bank account holders.

Since Kotak has always catered to providing pragmatic customized solutions, it has launched the new “Activate/Deactivate” feature for its debit cards.

With this feature, you are in charge of your debit card. All you have to do is log in to your Kotak Mobile Banking app and follow the following steps:

Ø Choose the “Service Request” tab

Ø Select “Debit Card Requests”

Ø Select “Activate/Deactivate Debit Card”

After you have followed these quick and easy steps, you will be directed to an on and off switch. Here is where you can activate or deactivate your card with a flick of a switch.

Now before you make a transaction, you can switch your card “On” through your mobile phones and can switch it back “Off” once the transaction is made to ensure security.

You can also control the activation of your debit card through SMS.

Ø To Deactivate your card, text “DCBLOCK<Space>last 4 digits of your debit card” to 5676788

Ø To Activate your card, text “DCUNBLOCK<Space>last 4 digits of your debit card” to 5676788

You can avail this feature through Net-Banking as well.

Ø Go on

Ø Log on to Net-Banking

Ø Enter your CRN/Customer ID and password

Ø Click on the Debit Card Tab

Ø Activate or Deactivate as per your requirement


Now, It is not only easy to control your debit card but also very effective when it comes to securing it!


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