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A birthday like no other

Being a single mother comes with many challenges and growing up I didn’t do much to help the cause but despite all odds, my mother seemed to play the part effortlessly.
She was a driven career woman, a loving and caring mother, and a beautiful human being who never let the society define her. Such was my mother who spoilt me for choices and never let me feel the lack of having a father.
I would see my mother handle our finances, the whims of her clients, the household chores and the teenage me so meticulously and without any complaints. I came to admire her and decided that when I grew up I would make sure that she never had to settle for anything and that she only got the best.
She turned 65 last month and we celebrated her birthday in a grand way. I showered her with gifts all throughout the day and kept the best gift for the last.
I knew like much of India, she too was trying to understand the new wave of digitization. She told me about her apprehensions related to online banking and would still walk up till her bank branch or to the grocery store in this scorching heat!
I knew that had to change and I knew I had to help her see the change and embrace online banking.
As the day ended, I sat next to her and showed her the newly downloaded Kotak 811 app on her phone. She looked at me puzzled as I told her, “Mom, we will now create a bank account for you online…I know mom, you have your apprehensions but on Kotak 811 you can make a zero-balance bank account in under 5 minutes and earn 6% in return!”
She gasped in disbelief and said,” In 5 minutes? That’s incredible! I remember I had to go through hell when I first made an account. But, beta, what would I do with a bank account at 65?”
I smiled and told her, “Mom, you don’t have to tire yourself going from one bank branch to another and you don’t have to walk down to the grocery stores in this scorching heat. From online grocery shopping to transferring money, everything can be done by Kotak 811. Mom, you have worked so hard all your life, it’s your time to sit back and relax…”
Teary-eyed she smiled and said, “Time flies, doesn’t it? It feels like just yesterday when I taught you how to manage your finances before you left for college and now look at you, you have blossomed into a smart and beautiful woman…”
I hugged her tightly and we both sat there while she created her bank account in less than 5 minutes.
I will always owe her my success and can never repay her for whatever she has done for me but downloading Kotak 811 app for her was one step closer to the promise for always giving her the best.


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