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How Kotak 811 made my finances appear simple

You know, college taught me a lot but it didn’t teach me how to be financially independent.

At 21, fresh out of college, I found myself grappling with the realness of the outside world. I always thought that college education would make me ready for the things to come only to realize that I was living in a bubble in a world full of needles.

While I was “woke” as an individual, I definitely lacked the financial acumen and awareness needed to thrive in this world. I found the financial jargons very overwhelming and there were just so many banks to choose from! But the biggest hindrance for me in becoming financially independent was the cumbersome process of documentation banking usually entails.

But I had to get an account since it was the first step to becoming an adult and starting a life.

All my worries melted away when I came across the ad for Kotak 811 App.

As it turns out, banking can be fun and easy. The app was extremely user-friendly as I created an account in 5 mins!

As opposed to other banks, Kotak 811 gives you an interest rate of up to 6% p.a. making your money work for you!

Kotak 811 not only understood my banking needs but also delivered pragmatic solutions for my daily requirements. Whether it be booking movie tickets or buying groceries, it had a provision for everything.

Getting cashback and discounts stole the show for me.

But the thing that I admire the most about the Kotak 811 app is that it helped me overcome my fear of handling my own finances.

It was empowering to have your finances at your fingertips. Literally.

-Tashi Mohan



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