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Why I chose Private over a Public bank?

I chose a public-sector bank, State Bank of India, as my bank a few years back thinking of it as being dependable and always keeping its customers first, something I thought a private bank would never do. But I have to say that Kotak took me by a complete surprise.

When SBI had increased its account maintenance charges, I decided to switch banks. Kotak 811 was newly launched at that time and was giving 6% interest on a zero-balance account. So, I decided to open an account and haven’t looked back since! Apart from the increased charges, I wasn’t happy with the level of service offered by SBI but with Kotak, I had no complaints.

It’s been one year since I have been using my Kotak 811 account and I am very happy with it. Apart from banking benefits, I also get perks like cashbacks, free movie tickets, discounts etc. on my daily transactions.


Interest Rate
6%* p.a.
( 6.5% p.a. for Senior Citizens)(Open Kotak 811 and Book an FD to earn up to 7.00% interest)
Minimum Balance
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  • You can now avail the benefits of the banking solutions with a single touch
  • Kotak 811 offers a virtual debit card (VDC) for the ease of online banking
  • Ideal for all your daily needs such as shopping, groceries, cab payments, and various others
  • Earn 7.00% interest on fixed deposits and Senior Citizens can earn upto 6.5% p.a. To know more click
Interest Rate
4% p.a.
(Balance above Rs. 50 lac)
3.5% p.a.
(Balance of below Rs. 50 lac)
Minimum Balance
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  • Get the zero balance savings account number instantly
  • A free virtual debit card for online transactions
  • Transfer funds, get account statements, pay bills, and so more –free of charge

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