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How my father opened his first digital bank account instantly

My father’s my hero. He taught me everything I know. He made me into the person I am today. It was just him and I but our world never felt incomplete. All through my childhood, we moved a lot which meant I was always the new kid on the block. The unfamiliarity scared me the most but he helped me overcome my fear of change.

He always said, “Well, like it or not, change is the only thing constant in our lives. It’s inevitable. The fact that it is constant makes it familiar, doesn’t it?  You can always expect change and the newer possibilities it brings with it!”

He helped me embrace the newer opportunities in life.

35 years later it was my chance to help him. Demonetization and the Digital India Movement brought with it the advent of online banking.

Not being tech savvy, he was apprehensive about this “new fad”.

I sat next to him and said, “Dad, you will now create your own bank account and I will help you. I know you have your apprehensions but on Kotak 811 you can make a zero-balance bank account in under 5 minutes and earn 6% in return! Trust me this app has made online banking easy.”

Together we opened a bank account instantly. He no longer has to walk to the bank or to the market every day.

He can now make all transactions through his mobile phone and together we embraced the change again.

-Avani Mehta


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