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My Experience With Kotak 811

I created an account with Kotak 811 a year back when it was newly launched, and I have been a satisfied customer till date.

some of the features that really caught my eye are as follows:

1. I could create an account in just 5 minutes and saygoodbye to long queues and tedious paperwork!
2. I could start a zero balance account. Which meant no more charges on non-maintenance of minimum account balance.
3. I got a return of 6%p.a! A 50% jump from the previous rate of return I was receiving.
4. I can make payments through my Virtual Debit Card because carrying cash around is so passé.
5. I could scan and pay for my movie tickets, flight tickets, online shopping etc and get cash banks and discounts! This stole the show for me!

The app is user-friendly and doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to take full advantage of its features.
This is a bank I would highly recommend everyone to go for since I have had a good experience with Kotak 811.


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