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How to link Aadhar to mobile number

Take these seven steps to link Aadhar with mobile number.

Aadhar card is one of the most important documents. It has made it easier for individuals to access some of the basic facilities. People can open a bank account, invest in mutual funds and get utility connections as well.

Moreover, linking your phone number to Aadhar will give you a host of other benefits such as updating your Aadhar card details online, filing ITRs, and to open zero balance accounts like Kotak 811.

Click here to open a Kotak 811 account.

To open a Kotak 811 account, you have to key in your PAN and Aadhar number. If your phone is linked with your Aadhar card, you will receive a one time password on your phone. Adding the OTP will allow you to open a Kotak 811 account. If your Aadhar number is not linked, you won’t be able to proceed further. This was just one example.

With a linked mobile number, updating your Aadhar details is extremely easy. You can upload your address documents to update your Aadhar card address.

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The government came up with the step to link mobile phone number to Aadhar to tackle connections made with the help of fake documents.

Linking your Aadhar with your phone number is extremely easy and it can be done in a matter of minutes.

Here are the steps that you can take to link your Aadhar with your phone number:

Step 1: Visit your telecom operator’s store.

Mobile companies have stores all across the country to cater to their customers. You can easily spot their stores as well as mini-stores. A store locator is also available that will help you to find the nearest store online.
If you are a Vodafone customer, you can use this link to find the nearest store. For Airtel customers, click here to find the store near you.

Step 2: Take a self-attested copy of your Aadhar card.

Also, just to be on the safer side, you can carry your original Aadhar card and any other identification proof.

Step 3: Give your mobile phone number to your telecom representative.

When you visit the store, you may have to take a token and wait for your turn. Otherwise, you will find a representative solely assigned to link your mobile number with Aadhaar. You may have to stand in the queue with other customers who have linked their accounts as well.
Give your mobile number to the customer executive.

Step 4: An one-time password will be sent to your mobile number

After you give your mobile number, you will receive a one-time password to link your phone number with Aadhaar. This is used to verify your phone number.

Step 5: Give the OTP that you have received to the executive to verify your number.

Step 6: You will be asked to provide your fingerprint.

This biometric information will help the telecom operator to verify that the Aadhar number belongs to you.

Step 7: Then, you will receive a confirmation SMS from your mobile phone operator.

Step 8: To complete the process, reply ‘Y’ to message to complete the e-KYC process.

Document Required to Link Aadhar number with your mobile number

A self-attested Aadhar card copy is the document that is required. You can also carry your original Aadhar card or other identification proof to be on the safe side.

FAQs on mobile phone linking with Aadhaar

Q. Is there any fee to link Aadhaar with mobile number?
A. No, there are no fees and the service is free of cost to all customers.

Q. Can I link my Aadhaar number with mobile number online?
A. Online linking of your Aadhaar number to your mobile number is not available. You can visit your mobile store to link your mobile number with Aadhaar.

Q. Is the linking method different for postpaid and prepaid subscribers?
A. The process of linking mobile number with Aadhaar is the same for all customers.


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