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Know about the different Mobile Banking Apps and download the official Mobile Banking App without any hassles.

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Mobile Banking Apps have made banking transactions quick and seamless. Now, carry out banking transactions at any time from anywhere. You can open an online savings account, apply credit card, get loans etc.

Let us take a look at the features of some of the different mobile banking applications.

Bank  Name of the App Features 
kotak 811

Kotak 811 & Mobile Banking App

  1. Get all your Kotak Account details
  2. Carry out transactions through NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, BHIM UPI and Scan & Pay at stores for contactless payments.
  3. Pay your utility bills like gas, electricity and others like credit cards bills, insurance premium, mobile bills, recharge your mobile and DTH.
  4. Use AutoPay to automate your bill payments.
  5. Visit Kaymall –Kotak’s In-app mall and shop on Flipkart, book bus, hotel rooms, train, flight tickets, book an OLA cab etc.

Download the app on your android phone and ios.

Axis Mobile

  1. Facilitates all the banking features to make banking easy and convenient.
  2. Transfer money, link UPI account, pay bill
  3. Easy onboarding process
mobile banking app


  1. Start mobile banking with the help of phone number & a valid debit card or details of your internet banking
  2. Access several banking features seamlessly such as bank transfer, balance check, bank statement, etc.
  3. Avail hassle-free and quick banking
bank of baroda

M-Connect Plus

  1. It comes with a brand new user interface with the latest app development features.
  2. The app is available in several Indian regional languages
  3. Access different banking features such as booking a Fixed Deposit, checking the status of a Cheque, etc.
  4. Revise your account details from the bank’s app.
BOI_mobile banking app

BOI Mobile

  1. Manage your account on the go from your mobile phone
  2. Carry out most of the banking requirements from your phone without visiting the bank branch
  3. Transfer money online within seconds through the BOI Mobile app.
canara bank- mobile banking app

CANDI – Mobile Banking App

  1. Access all the banking features through your mobile apps only.
  2. Get help from the bank’s customer care services
  3. Track Your Loans and every related information effortlessly from the app

Cent Mobile

  1. Access your savings and other accounts easily from the bank’s app.
  2. One time registration required to access mobile banking app
  3. Customers can donate to selected Institutions from the app
citibank_mobile banking app

Citibank IN

  1. The simple user-interface of the application is easy for first time users
  2. Carry out banking operations in a smart way by scrolling through various options provided to you
  3. Transfer fund transfers within seconds without any complications
cub_mobile banking app

CUB Mobile Banking Plus

  1. Get started with mobile banking without any complications
  2. Carry out various banking transactions through the bank app
  3. Activate Your Wallet to carry out faster transactions.


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