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Cheers to not settling!

I felt like I had been settling for a 4% return and poor customer service all my life, that was until I came across the ad for Digibank! I made my savings account with Digibank instantly with just my Aadhaar and PAN.

 The app is super user-friendly and lets me handle all my transactions with a click of a button. No more do I now have to deal with lousy customer service as Digibank has a feature of 24×7 Virtual Assistance that handles my queries on the spot.

The budget optimiser tool not only helped me manage my expenses well and budget them but also made me financially aware. The app is completely hassle-free and makes banking simpler. It gives me 75% more returns on a zero-balance account and a whole lot of benefits.

DBS is known to have high standards in safety so it makes me feel like my money is in safe hands. As a customer of Digibank, I also get many perks like exclusive deals across travel, entertainment and so much more.

 The app never seizes to surprise me! I not only recommended the bank to my friends but also to my grandparents. 


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