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post office digital savings account

Planning your first digital Savings Account? Check Kotak811 Zero Balance Account

You are never too late to start anything. And when it comes to the subject of saving your hard earned money, always look for the most rewarding one. In today’s market there are multiple conventional and neo banking platforms offering digital savings accounts. While, you are fishing for your first savings account online, we want […]

Everything you need to know about Kotak811

Are you looking to apply for an instant zero balance account? You can open Kotak811 savings account online instantly. Kotak811 is a zero balance savings account that individuals can open online by visiting the bank’s website or by installing the bank’s mobile banking application. In this article, you will know everything about Kotak811 and how […]

What is credit score and why you should know about it

Looking for a loan or a credit card? In that case it is essential for you to know about credit score & how it works. It is the analysis of your credit history and repayment behavior to release a 3 digit number ranging between 300 and 900. This number is your credit score and is […]

Best Zero Balance Account For Indians

If you are are looking to open a zero balance savings account in India, there are multiple options to choose from. Opening a online savings account is a hassle free experience. A zero balance savings account will not ask you to maintain a minimum balance in the account. Also, the money lying in the account […]

How to Open a Bank Account?

The Indian banking system is yet to include the entire population under the financial structure. There is still a large number of unbanked adult population, who don’t have a bank account. Though there are various accounts available to meet different requirements, a savings bank account is the most common and convenient to park your money. […]

How to open online zero balance savings account in India

In 2022, if you are looking to open a zero balance savings account online, there are multitude of options to choose from. In today’s market, neobanks and traditional banks are offering accounts at zero maintenance balance, that too with a complete online journey. Basic understanding of zero balance account To open or maintain a zero […]

How UPI changed transactions?

The pandemic might have provided the right nutrients for Unified Payment Interface (UPI) to bloom into a gigantic success, but if we want to look at its birth, we have to go back a couple of years. In 2016, the RBI introduced its Vision 2018, to promote less cash and more digital payments. This dream […]

What is a Digital Savings Account?

With time and technology the banking industry has seen considerable changes. After the introduction & widespread distribution of smart phones and data enabled SIM cards, every individual has got a hang of getting things done from their phone. This need of the hour has surely compelled consumer banks to adopt the digitization module for their […]

Differences Between Zero Balance Online Savings Account Or BSBDA

Savings accounts have many benefits and advantages, including interest earned on the saved amount, safety, and more. With these benefits, the savings account is a must-have for individuals. While banks offer various saving accounts, one of the primary features of the savings account is the requirement of minimum balance. However, if you are looking for […]

How To Use A Zero Balance Savings Account As Your Secondary Account?

A savings account is a must-have financial product. There are different kinds of savings account. A zero balance savings account is a type of savings account that does not have a minimum average monthly balance. This means that you can use the entire balance of your zero balance savings account without worrying about any penalty. […]

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