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Worried your Kotak 811 bank account freeze? Here's what you need to do

Banks can freeze account due to the various reasons.To stop worrying about account freeze, complete your full KYC process or open account through video KYC.

High Interest Savings Accounts by Top Banks in 2021

Want a savings account that offers highest interest rate? Here are some of the high interest savings accounts by top banks in 2021.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Zero Balance Savings Account

Zero balance savings account can be a good saving option for individuals who don’t want or cannot maintain any minimum average balance

Fixed Deposit as an Emergency Fund

Fixed Deposits are an easy and hassle-free way of saving money and building an emergency fund for future surprises.

Online Fixed Deposits you can open without a Savings Account

Fixed deposit is one of the safest saving instruments. As fixed deposits give a fixed rate of interest over the duration, it is popular among the different sections of the society. With the advancement in digital initiatives, one can now open fixed deposits online. Customers holding a savings account with a particular bank can easily […]

Easy Ways to Save Money & Tax

Come January and most people are looking for ways to save tax. One shouldn’t wait till the year-end to start tax planning and should ideally begin at the start of the financial year. Whether you are liable to pay taxes or not, it is always handy to know about the different tax saving options you […]

Planning To Invest in ELSS funds? Things You Should Know Before Investing

Equity Linked Savings Scheme or ELSS is a category of mutual fund that allows investors to save tax. Because of various campaigns by fund houses and the mutual fund industry, the popularity of ELSS has soared. However, most investors invest in these funds without proper guidance and half-baked knowledge. In this article, we bring to […]

InstaAccount: How to open HDFC Savings Account Online

HDFC Bank has introduced online account opening of savings account. Customers can open a HDFC bank account instantly online through InstaAccount.

Kotak Bank Savings Account – Features, Interest Rate, Minimum Average Balance

Kotak Bank offers different types of savings account such as zero balance savings accounts, premium account. Kotak Bank gives an interest rate of up to 4%.

Savings Account: HDFC Bank Savings Account

HDFC Bank provides specialized savings account. Know about the different types of HDFC Bank savings account and different ways how to open savings account.

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