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Differences Between Zero Balance Online Savings Account Or BSBDA

Savings accounts have many benefits and advantages, including interest earned on the saved amount, safety, and more. With these benefits, the savings account is a must-have for individuals. While banks offer various saving accounts, one of the primary features of the savings account is the requirement of minimum balance. However, if you are looking for […]

How To Use A Zero Balance Savings Account As Your Secondary Account?

A savings account is a must-have financial product. There are different kinds of savings account. A zero balance savings account is a type of savings account that does not have a minimum average monthly balance. This means that you can use the entire balance of your zero balance savings account without worrying about any penalty. […]

How to Open IDFC First Bank Savings Account Online?

Customers can open IDFC First Bank Savings account online. Here’s how you can open IDFC First Bank savings account online.

Kotak Bank Savings Account – Features, Interest Rate, Minimum Average Balance

Kotak Bank offers different types of savings account such as zero balance savings accounts, premium account. Kotak Bank gives an interest rate of up to 4%.

Know How to Open Kotak 811 Online Instantly

Kotak 811 is online, zero balance savings account which is opened instantly. Download Kotak mobile banking app or visit website to open 811 account online.

IDFC First Zero Balance Savings Account

Pratham Savings Account is a zero balance Account from IDFC First Bank. Customers can avail an interest rate of 5% p.a along with a host of other benefits.

What is Bank of Baroda Insta Saving Account?

Bank of Baroda Insta Saving Account is a digital savings account that you can open instantly online. It is also a zero balance account.

IDFC First Bank Savings Account

IDFC First Bank offers different financial products such as savings accounts to its customers. The bank offers an attractive interest rate of up to 7% on IDFC First savings account. There are different types of savings account such as zero balance account, minor savings account, etc. The minimum average balance of IDFC First savings account […]

Fino Payments Bank – Features and Types of Savings Account

Fino Payments Bank offers seven different savings accounts, including zero balance savings account, to their customers.

Zero Balance Online Savings Accounts to Open From Your Home

You can open online savings account without venturing out of your house. Opening these digital savings accounts takes hardly a few minutes.

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