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Lighting up our Day, the Kotak Super 811 Way!

This month, the game Super 811 by Kotak 811, gives you a chance to win Rs.100 Voucher of the brand of your choice.
Quarantine and Win Rs. 100 voucher for a brand of your Choice by playing the Kotak Super 811 Game!

The Budget Rule 20-30-50

Why live paycheck to paycheck when you can thrive through the art of careful budgeting. A budget that actually works has all of your expenses built into it so that you are not surprised when your rent and taxes are due—or when you have to pay your insurance premiums. It also helps you deal with fluctuating bills […]

Want to earn high interest rates on your savings bank account? Here are the top 5 banks to look for

If you happen to be a first-time investor, then lucrative savings accounts can let you earn higher interests on your savings. People having some steady source of income through a salary or any other source are considered the ideal candidates to open a savings bank account. A saving account with any bank offers a plethora […]

5 things to know about Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) Zero Balance Savings Account

We all know that the rural population of India faces the biggest problem as the lack of proper funds to be deposited in a bank account. A majority of India’s rural population do not have the required financial stability needed for opening and maintaining a bank account. However, the Indian Government has recently come up […]

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