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Get online digital savings bank account with no maintenance fees.

Presenting to you India’s best savings bank account and avail top features on digital savings account


SBI YONO is an omni channel service given by SBI to its account holders, which will help account holders to benefit from an online as well as an offline experience as per their needs. It acts as an integrated digital banking platform. Through SBI Yono has introduced SBI Insta Saving Account, a digital zero balance account  to their customers that they can open through the SBI YONO mobile app or by visiting the SBI YONO web portal. 

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Who can open SBI Insta Saving Account

Any Indian citizen above the age of 18 can open SBI Insta Saving Account.

Features of SBI Insta Savings Account

Minimum Balance Requirement

Customers of SBI Insta Savings Account are required to keep a minimum balance account as per the regular savings account. However, minimum balance charges was waived off till 31st March 2019. The minimum balance for customers residing in metro and urban areas is Rs.3,000.

Here’s the minimum balance requirement for customers in different geographical locations:

Metro Rs.3,000
Semi-urban Rs.2,000

Open the account through YONO SBI

Customers can open the digital savings account through SBI YONO app or website. To open the account through the app, one has download the YONO by SBI App. This helps to open an account within a few minutes.

Maximum Balance

As this online savings account can be made online without visiting the branch, the account has certain limitations on the maximum amount that can be credited to the account.

The maximum balance in the account at any point in time is Rs.1 lakh. Moreover, the total amount that can be credited to the account in a financial year is Rs. 2 lakh.

Free Debit card

The bank offer free Rupay debit cards to the customers. The ATM PIN is generated through the Green PIN process.

Nomination Facility

It is mandatory to nominate a loved one while opening the bank balance through SBI Yono App. Customers can only add only nominee.

Cheque Book and Pass book Unavailable

Passbooks and cheque book are not available for customers of the online savings account. Instead of the passbook, customers will receive statement in their registered email id.

Interest on SBI Saving Account

Customers receive prevailing savings account interest on their digital account. SBI gives interest rate of up to 2.70% per annum.

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