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What are the different types of Kotak Zero Balance account?

Know more about the different features and types of Kotak zero balance accounts: Jan Dhan Yojana and Kotak 811. Open Kotak 811 online within a few minutes.

kotak zero balance account

Kotak Zero Balance account is an ideal savings option for individuals looking to open a savings bank account with no minimum average balance. Whether you are a digitally savvy or had never opened a bank account, Kotak zero balance account is here to help you.

Kotak 811 is the digital zero balance savings account that can be opened instantly by downloading the app, visiting the website or through video KYC. However, if you have never opened any savings account and you are not comfortable using your phone to open account, then you can open Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Basic Savings Account. This savings account is a part of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

Both these accounts are zero balance savings account and customers don’t have to maintain any minimum average balance in these accounts. Here we will talk about both these two zero balance accounts from Kotak Bank.

Kotak Zero Balance 811 Account

Kotak 811 is the zero balance online savings account that customers can open instantly at any hour of the day without visiting a bank branch. The bank account number is provided immediately after the online account opening process is complete. This allows customers to make banking transactions or transfer funds within minutes.

Online account opening of Kotak zero balance account

There are different ways to open a Kotak 811 account. You can open 811 account by downloading the Kotak App, through website or video KYC. The online account opening is available 24*7. A Limited KYC account/ e-KYC account is opened after you fill the online account form on mobile app or website.  The account opened is valid for 12 months. You need to complete the full KYC by meeting a bank official face-to-face or visiting the nearest bank branch.   

Recently, Kotak Bank has introduced video KYC account opening journey for new 811 customers. Customers can open a full-fledged savings account through video KYC on a bank working day from 10 AM to 6 PM. The bank account opening process is completed within 8 hours and you receive your bank details on your registered email id. You need not visit any bank branch or book full KYC appointment if your account is opened through the video KYC process.  

Kotak 811 variants

Depending on the documents used to open the Kotak 811 account and the journey in the account opening process, there are four variants of Kotak 811 zero balance account. Kotak 811 Lite, Kotak 811 Limited KYC account, Kotak 811 Full KYC Account and Kotak 811 Video KYC are the four types of Kotak 811 zero balance accounts.

Kotak 811 Lite 

  • Kotak 811 Lite is not a complete savings account as it comes with many limitations.
  • Lite account is opened if you don’t want to use your Aadhaar card or don’t have your mobile number linked to Aadhaar.
  • The account can be credited with a maximum of Rs.10,000 in a calendar month and up to Rs.1 lakh in a financial year.
  • The account is valid for 12 months. Customers need to complete the full KYC and convert the Lite account to a savings account within 12 months to continue using the account.
  • Customers of Kotak 811 Lite get a free prepaid card that can be used to shop online and pay utility bills.
  • No outward fund transactions through UPI or bank transfer are allowed.
  •  Lite customers can’t request physical debit card and cheque book.
  • Interest rate on savings account is not applicable for Lite customers.    

Kotak 811 Limted KYC account

  • Kotak 811 Limited KYC is also called as Kotak OTP or e-KYC account as the account is opened through the Aadhaar OTP verification process.
  • Individuals need Aadhaar number, PAN, Aadhaar-registered phone number to open account.
  • It is an online savings account that is opened instantly.
  • The account holder can deposit up to Rs.2 lakhs in a financial year.
  • The account is valid for 12 months. Customers need to full KYC process within 12 months to continue using 811 account with no restrictions.
  • Customers get a free Kotak virtual/online debit card that they can use it to shop online and pay bills. The online debit card details are available on mobile banking app.   
  • If required, customers can apply for physical debit card from their app that can be used for withdrawing cash or transacting at POS available at supermarkets, shopping malls etc.
  • Online transfer through IMPS and NEFT are free.
  • Customers can deposit money through cash and cheques by visiting the bank branch. However, Limited KYC customers can’t withdraw cash from bank branch.
  • Cheques are not available for e-KYC customers.   

Kotak Full KYC Account

  • The 811 Lite and 811 Limited KYC account are converted to Full KYC after completing the full KYC procedure.
  • The account does not have any restrictions on transactions and spends.
  • Full KYC accounts are valid for lifetime.
  • Online debit card is available free of cost.
  • Customers can opt for physical debit card and cheque book through the mobile banking app.
  • Individuals can withdraw cash from bank branch.
  • Customers can open recurring deposits, fixed deposits, take insurance and invest in mutual funds, sovereign gold bonds etc.

Kotak 811 Video KYC(V-KYC) account

  • Kotak 811 Video KYC is an account opening process that allows new customers to open full-fledged 811 accounts by filling up online form and getting their documents verified through video interaction with bank agent.
  • Individuals can open video KYC account during bank working days from 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • The account is opened with zero contact.
  • PAN, Aadhaar and Aadhaar-registered mobile number is required to open V-KYC account.
  • People who are currently in India can open the savings account.
  • Remember to keep white sheet and a black pen handy.
  • The video KYC account opening process is completed within 8 hours.
  • The account does not have any restrictions on limits and transactions.
  • After the account is opened, customers don’t have to book appointment or visit the bank branch to complete the full KYC.   

  Opening a Kotak 811 account is simple and the account is opened within a few minutes. Kotak 811 is one of the best zero balance savings account available in India.

Kotak Zero Balance (BSBDA)

Kotak Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account(BSBDA) is a zero balance account meant for the economically weaker sections of the society. It is a part of the PM Jan Dhan Yojana which is a financial inclusion program. Every bank should provide the option to individuals who don’t have savings account to open a zero balance account with nominal charges.

Features of Kotak BSBDA

  • It is a zero balance account i.e. it requires no minimum balance to operate the account. 
  • Individuals can open the account with no initial deposit requirement.
  • Customers to need to visit the nearest bank branch to open the basic savings account.
  • Internet banking and mobile banking facilities are available for customers.
  • Individuals can transact through net banking and by visiting branch.  
  • Customers can make up to free four withdrawals in a month. It includes ATM withdrawals, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, cash withdrawals from bank branch, etc.
  • Free passbook is available for all account holders.
  • Account holders get free RuPay debit card through which customers can withdraw cash and shop online and offline at merchants that accept RuPay debit card. However, customers can only use the debit card within the Indian territories.
  • There are no charges for NEFT transactions through mobile banking or internet banking facilities. 
  • Customers can access wide bank network and ATMs situated across the country. 


Kotak 811 digital bank account and basic savings accounts (Jan Dhan Yojana) are two types of zero balance savings accounts that customers can open without the need to keep any minimum balance.     


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