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RBL Bank Woman’s First’ Savings Account

Women saving account of RBL Bank aims to cater to the needs of the fast-paced lives of today’s women. The lives of this generation of women are different from their mothers and grandmothers. As a result, the needs and wants including banking transactions have undergone dramatic changes. Currently, women saving accounts are offered by almost all banks and the facilities of these women savings account vary from one bank to another.    

RBL Bank woman saving account named Woman’s First’ Savings Account is designed to enhance the savings and spending aspect of women’s lives. Along with seamless banking experience, the bank account offers discounts on shopping, food, health, wellness and entertainment that are available throughout the year. Customers of RBL Bank women savings account can also avail a wide variety of medical benefits and discount vouchers through the Woman’s First Debit Card.

Features of RBL Women Saving Account           

Get exclusive offers on Woman’s First Debit Card

rbl women saving account
Source: RBL Bank

RBL Bank offers attractive joining benefits to women. The bank provides exclusive Woman’s First Debit Card and vouchers worth Rs.2,500 valid for one year after joining. Women can also avail offers on various women-specific medical services such as mammography. Consultation service discount is also applicable. However, the offers and discounts may change from time to time. Hence, a check-up with the customer service to know about the latest offers and discounts.   

The debit card also comes with unlimited free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in India.

Woman’s First Debit Card also takes care of shopping requirements. Customers can avail Rs.500 off while shopping at for Rs. 2500 or more. It also has a higher daily spending limit than a regular savings account. 

Get a Zero Balance Kid’s Account

Women can open one zero balance kid’s account. However, there should be a standing instruction (recurring deposit or systematic investment plan) in the women savings account of at least Rs.500 for a minimum tenure of 1 year. It is only available for one kid’s zero balance account.

Enjoy Attractive interest rates

RBL Bank offers attractive interest rates of up to 6.75% to its customers. The interest rate given on the savings account depends on the closing balance. The interest rate on savings account starts at 5.00% on balance of up to Rs.1 lakh. You can earn 6.00% if you keep an average daily balance of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.10 lakh. Currently, most major banks are giving customers of 3.5%.

Here’s the detailed breakup of the interest rate offered by the RBL Bank.

Balance Interest rate
Upto Rs. 1 Lakh 5.00%
More than Rs. 1 Lakh and up to Rs. 10 Lakh 6.00%
Above Rs.10 lakh and up to Rs.5 crore 6.75%
RBL Bank savings account interest rate

Avail online banking 

Through the online banking facilities of RBL Bank women saving account, customers can carry out banking transactions anytime and anywhere. Bill payment and other tax payment becomes extremely easy with online payment.

Financial Value-adds

The account offers discounts on the other facilities such as lockers. Customers receive a 10% discount on locker rent for the first year.

How to open an RBL women saving account

You can apply for a women savings account online by filling the online form. Enter your name, state, city, mobile number and email id. A bank customer representative will get back to you to help you with the rest of the account opening process.   


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