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ICICI advantage woman

The specialized Advantage Woman Savings Account offered by the ICICI Bank provides unlimited withdrawals of cash across every ATM in India. Moreover, the savings account also comes with a debit card that aims at offering greater rewards and special offers. The Advantage Woman Savings Account by ICICI Bank has been designed by ensuring the specific needs of the woman in India. The debit card that comes along with the savings account lets you shop seamlessly and save significantly on your household expenses. Moreover, the special Money Multiplier Facility from the ICICI Bank offers a higher rate of interest than the normal savings account offering better liquidity.

The Advantage Woman Savings Account by ICICI Bank also offers additional benefits like the ease of opening a zero balance account with recurring deposit of a certain amount.


Interest Rate
6%* p.a.
( 6.5% p.a. for Senior Citizens)(Open Kotak 811 and Book an FD to earn up to 7.00% interest)
Minimum Balance
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  • You can now avail the benefits of the banking solutions with a single touch
  • Kotak 811 offers a virtual debit card (VDC) for the ease of online banking
  • Ideal for all your daily needs such as shopping, groceries, cab payments, and various others
  • Earn 7.00% interest on fixed deposits and Senior Citizens can earn upto 6.5% p.a. To know more click
Interest Rate
4% p.a.
(Balance above Rs. 50 lac)
3.5% p.a.
(Balance of below Rs. 50 lac)
Minimum Balance
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  • Get the zero balance savings account number instantly
  • A free virtual debit card for online transactions
  • Transfer funds, get account statements, pay bills, and so more –free of charge

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