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ICICI Bank's Advantage Woman Savings Account

Every bank offers a number of financial products to their customers. The simplest offering is a savings account. But it is their special offerings that make a bank touch people’s lives. One such financial product is savings account. Many banks have savings account especially dedicated for women customers that offers special benefits and discounts.

‘The Advantage Woman Savings Account’ is the woman savings account by ICICI Bank.

Features and Benefits of Advantage Woman Savings Account

Skill building courses:

This savings account by ICICI Bank goes beyond traditional woman savings account. It believes in the approach of investing in knowledge and skills. Advantage Woman Savings Account offers skill-building courses like IT certifications, music lessons and personality development. A life of woman also revolves around their family. And this savings account provides discounts on healthcare, kids’ education etc.

Offers on debit card

Customers can enjoy a lot of benefits on using their debit card.  One of the benefits of the savings account is cashback of Rs. 750 per month on dining, entertainment and jewellery and other use of the debit card. Typically, credit cards give cardholders the option to earn cashback for their purchases. Hence, you can earn while you spend with the debit card of ICICI Bank’s woman account.

Higher cash withdrawal

Another benefit of the card is the unlimited access to any bank’s ATM. This facility is available with more than 2 lakh ATMs across the country. With this savings bank account, you no longer have to track the number of times you have withdrawn from other bank’s account.

Offer for Lockers

Lockers are an essential part of every woman’s life. The wedding jewellery of a woman rarely sees the light of the day other than the wedding day. However, it carries a lot of attachment. Hence, it is important to make sure that the jewellery is in safe hands away from greedy eyes. This is where a locker comes handy. The woman savings account by ICICI Bank gives 50% off on the first year locker rentals.

Today’s women have a lot of hopes and aspirations. They are no longer shackled to the role of a housewife. Today’s women aspire to buy homes, cars and go on foreign vacations. The savings account offers loan facilities for ladies at lower interest rates. Whether it is home loans, personal loans and car loans, it is now easy for a woman to have it.

Available in Four Variants

The Advantage Woman Savings Account comes in four different plans viz. Regular, Silver, Gold, Titanium to fit the different needs of different women. The key differentiating points of the four plans are the minimum average balances, privilege banking and dedicated relationship manager. The minimum average balance of the regular, silver, gold and titanium are Rs.10,000, Rs.25,000, Rs.50,000, Rs. 1.25 lakh respectively.

Complimentary personal accident insurance

Insurance is a must have for everyone especially if the person has dependents. However, it is seen that many women are happy if their husbands have bought insurance. The number of women insured in India is still less. However, women should also insure themselves. ICICI Bank’s Advantage Woman Savings Account provides complimentary personal accident insurance protection and purchase protection cover. Customers can also opt for iProtect Smart, a term insurance plan. It comes with comprehensive premium for life, accidental death and 34 critical illness cover including breast cancer and cervical cancer. Women within the age 21 to 35 can get cover of Rs. 4 lakh while the cover is Rs.3 lakh for women from 36 to 50 years with a starting premium of Rs.200.

Money Multiplier Plan

After insurance, the second important thing in anyone’s financial life is investing to fulfil financial goals. One easy way to do it is opt for the money multiplier plan. The money multiplier links the savings deposits with fixed deposits. The customer can shift their surplus funds in savings account to a fixed deposit and earn higher returns. With the help of ICICI Bank Branch, ICICI Bank Phone Banking and ICICI Bank’s Internet Banking, one can link their savings account with fixed deposits where funds excess of at least Rs. 10,000 can be used to create fixed deposits. Fixed deposits will be created in multiples of Rs. 5,000. These fixed deposits can also be auto renewed with the principal and interest for the same period. Moreover all the linked fixed deposits will be available for reverse sweep in if the customer’s balance falls below Rs.10,000 or the predetermined amount.

To summarise, here the features and benefits of the Advantage Woman Savings Account:

  • Cashback up to Rs 750 per month on dining, entertainment and jewellery and others
  • Free unlimited access to all banks’ ATMs
  • Get complimentary personal accident insurance protection and purchase protection cover on your Debit Card.
  • 50% discount on first year locker rentals
  • Attractive rates on Home Loan, Personal Loans and Car Loans
  • Opt for iProtect Smart
  • Opt for Money multiplier and maximise your returns

Click here to open ICICI Bank’s Woman Savings Account online.

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