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ICICI Bank@campus

Through its special ICICI Bank @Campus student’s savings bank account option, ICICI Bank allows you to open & maintain the savings account with much ease. With the help of the ICICI Bank’s @Campus savings account option for the young students, the young lives can enjoy the ease of transactions from the respective account with a single click of the mouse. Bank@Campus facility offered by the ICICI Bank is a technology-driven service that enables the students to open & maintain the bank account on one’s computer or mobile screen. There is no need of visiting the respective bank branch. All of the related banking activities can be carried out easily & seamlessly on the laptop or smartphone.

Some of the additional features offered by the ICICI@Bank savings bank account offering by ICICI Bank include:

  • Ease of Internet & mobile banking
  • Free personalized cheque book
  • Free & easy phone banking facility
  • Free Ncash Debit card offering from the ICICI Bank
  • Free & seamless transfer of funds directly from the student’s account to any other account
  • Free offering of the supplementary credit card (given you have the ICICI Bank Credit Card)
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