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RBL Bank Saving Account

The financial needs of different individuals vary from each other. So, one type of savings account may not satisfy the needs of everyone. 

RBL Bank Saving Accounts caters to the needs of the different customers. The Bank has the following seven types of savings accounts which have been curated to the varying needs of depositors.

RBL Bank Interest Rate:

Interest rate offered on RBL Bank saving accounts:

  • 5.00% p.a. on balances upto Rs. 1 Lakh on a daily balance basis;
  • 6% p.a. on balances > Rs. 1 Lakh and upto Rs. 10 Lakh
  • 6.75% p.a. on balances > Rs. 10 Lakhs and upto Rs. 5 Cr

  1. Digital Savings Account

The key benefit of Digital Savings Account is that it is the fastest, convenient and most secure way of opening an account. Any resident Indian is eligible to open an account with RBL Bank digital savings account.

The features of the Digital Savings Account are:

  1. No Charges on Non-Maintenance of Balances: This enables customers to maintain balances lower than the Basic Savings Bank Account and experience the flexibility of a basic salary account as well.
  2. Instant & Paperless: The ease in opening an account , on your fingertips makes it a seamless banking experience for the customers
  3. Higher Bank Interest Rates: For e.g. If the savings account holder is able to maintain balances above Rs. 1 Lakh he will be able to earn higher interest than the interest rates offered by other banks at the same bank balance.
  4. Unlimited ATM Transactions: No cap on the number of withdrawals makes for a huge benefit. The objective of savings account is to save for future need. But an unlimited ATM transaction facility enables individuals to withdraw for emergencies if required.

2. Prime Savings Account

The key benefit of this account is the transactional convenience it provides to the customer. It provides transactional convenience in the following ways:

  • Quick & easy transfer of funds using NEFT/RTGS/ECS
  • Booking of fixed deposit through Internet Banking
  • Enhanced daily limits on the Debit card

The features of the Prime Savings account are:

  1. Unlimited free transactions at RBL Bank’s ATMs, five free transactions per month at Other Bank’s ATMs
  2. High Bank Fixed Deposit rates in order to promote the Savings Bank – Fixed Deposit Accounts which in turn will help better financial management of the individuals.
  3. Wealth management solutions specific to your requirements, offered by an experienced team of professionals
  4. Simple & hassle-free banking using Internet Banking, Mobile Banking & ATM withdrawal.

Any resident Indian above the age of 18 years may open this account as either a sole account holder or a joint account holder with another person. A Hindu Undivided family can also open this RBL Bank savings account.

3. Advantage Savings Account

This account has been created for population with larger volume of transactions of which each transaction is of higher value than a Prime savings account holder. The average minimum balance of this savings account is Rs. 25,000.

In this type of account, RBL Bank provides customers with:

  1. The option to choose their account number
  2. Access to platinum concierge services (in collaboration with Master Card)
  3. Free NEFT & RTGS facilities
  4. Unrestricted access to all ATMs in India
  5. Free cash transactions at the branches

The withdrawing limits for this account are:

  1. Daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.1 lakh
  2. Daily shopping limit of Rs.2 lakh
  3. Free Platinum First Master Card Debit Card with enhance limits

Accountholders receive up to 15% off on Safe Deposit lockers*

  1. Discount is applicable only to one locker
  2. First account holder must be the locker holder
  3. The standing instruction must be issued using the Advantage Savings Account

*Subject to locker availability

RBL Bank saving account offers a 25% discount on the processing fee for a Loan against property.

In addition to the above benefits, the Bank also does take standing instructions from customers to pay utility bills.

4. Prime Edge Savings Account

The key benefits of the rime Edge Savings Account are:

  1. Access to a wide range of Investment/Insurance products and services.
  2. Credit Card and loan products to eligible customers.
  3. Offers on Debit Card, Debit Card variants.

Medical benefits provided by RBL Bank:

  1. Seek advice on which hospital to choose and how much it could cost
  2. Get 10-20% discounts on hospitalization and preventive health care tests
  3. Go for treatments with second opinion from Vidal empanelled specialists
  4. Avail services from a huge network of 6000 hospitals and 1500+ diagnostic centers
  5. Enjoy complete medical assistance service

(Note: Health benefits offered by Vidal health care will be linked to your Debit card and can be availed on an annual subscription basis. Annual subscription for Vidal Heath Care services have been priced at Rs. 250/-)

The rest of the benefits are the same as those of the Prime Savings Account.

RBL Bank is one of the very few banks to have incorporated discounted medical facilities in the savings bank account irrespective of the age.

5. Executive Salary Account

RBL Bank has brought in a salary account which has simplified the employer’s job of crediting the employees’ salary into his/her account.

The executive salary account acts as a basic savings bank account with the additional provision of zero balance.

Following are the benefits of the executive salary account:

  1. Transfer funds online for free to any bank across the country through NEFT / RTGS
  2. Free Demand Draft
  3. Wealth services by experienced team of professionals

Salaried Employees having a tie up with their employer are eligible to avail of this account.

6. Seniors First Savings Account

This Account has been launched by RBL Bank for individuals above the age of 60 years.

The key benefits of the Seniors First Savings Account are:

  1. Earn higher interest rates with RBL Bank’s Gain4Sure Fixed Deposits, including tax saving deposits premature penalty of 1% waived off for senior citizens.
  2. Free dematerialization of physical shares
  3. Discounted brokerage charges at 0.25% on delivery instead of 0.50%
  4. A Titanium Debit Card is provided to the Seniors First Savings Account holders
  5. Unlimited free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in India

7. Woman’s Savings Account

In the new India, a large number of women have entered the workforce in the past decade. A significant number of these women are women who have migrated from their place of residence. These women require simple banking facilities. Especially, for a savings bank account women need a savings bank account which earns a high rate of interest and provides flexibility to them in terms of spending capacity as well.

The key benefits of the Woman’s Savings Account are:

  1. Exclusive Woman’s First Debit Card
  • With vouchers worth Rs.2500, on activation of the card
  • Health benefits and medical concierge services are available at discounted rates
  • Unlimited free cash withdrawals at all ATMs in India
  1. Zero Balance Kid’s Account

Avail a zero balance kid’s account (only one Zero Balance Kid’s account is permitted), subject to minimum standing instruction of Rs 500 p.m., for a minimum tenure of 1 year

  1. Financial Value-adds

10% discount on locker rent* for the first year

*Subject to locker availability

  1. Unlimited Yearlong Discounts

Enjoy the benefits of digital savings bank account with RBL Bank! With a myriad of savings account options, the RBL Bank offers up to 7 percent rate of interest on savings above 10 Lakhs INR.


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