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Offering highly personalized banking services, the IndusInd Bank offers around

  • For daily balance up to Rs 1 lakh it is 4% p.a.
  • For daily balance above Rs 1 lakh and below Rs 10 lakhs it is 5% p.a.
  • For daily balance above Rs 10 lakhs it is 6% p.a.

The IndusInd bank also offers the option of accessing your bank account through the web or the mobile app. In addition to the innovative banking features, the IndusInd Bank also offers the finest lifestyle leisure including discounts on movie tickets, and so more. is owned by Software Workshop Technologies Private Limited. We offer you product information best known to us for your financial needs be it savings account, current account, debit card, credit card etc. In addition, you get to stay updated about on-going trends in the realm of digital banking. Now you get a chance to compare online bank products on a neutral platform like us and browse through a range of articles before making a choice to purchase a product. Know more

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