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IndusInd Bank Savings Account

IndusInd Bank is a Mumbai-based Indian new generation bank established in 1994. IndusInd Bank savings account provide a host of banking benefits including reward points for active transactions, privilege and lifestyle offers, trading and portfolio solutions, flexible fund management, special banking facilities for senior citizens etc. IndusInd Bank savings account also offer attractive interest rate of up to 6% to its customers.

indusind bank savings account

The IndusInd bank also offers the option of accessing your savings account through the web or the mobile app. In addition to the innovative banking features, the IndusInd Bank also offers the finest lifestyle leisure including discounts on movie tickets, and so much more.

IndusInd Bank saving account interest rate

IndusInd Bank is one of the few banks that offer an attractive interest rate of up to 6% on savings account. The interest rate is calculated on the daily closing balance and different interest rate is offered on different slabs of daily balance.

Here’s the interest rate offered on IndusInd savings account

  • For daily balance up to Rs 1 lakh it is 4% p.a.
  • For daily balance above Rs 1 lakh and below Rs 10 lakhs it is 5% p.a.
  • For daily balance above Rs 10 lakhs it is 6% p.a.

Features of the IndusInd Bank Savings Account:

  1. MyAccount My Number

IndusInd Bank comes up with an innovative way to make banking simpler with its My Account My Number facility. In order to open a bank account, one requires an account number. The My Account My Number facility enables individuals to choose their own digits and create the account number of their choice. This will help the account holder easily recollect the account number of their savings account during on-the-go phone and online banking sessions.

  1. Choice of denomination 

IndusInd Bank gives its customers the option of choice of withdrawing money in denominations of their choice from all IndusInd Bank ATMs. Even non IndusInd Bank account holders can avail of this facility at all IndusInd Bank ATMs.

  1. Jump the Queue

IndusInd Bank lets you directly reach their phone banking executives and relationship managers for all their queries and concerns and banking assistance, thereby, freeing you from IVR interruptions.

  1. Check on Cheque

Account holders of the IndusInd savings account have the opportunity of accounting for every transaction made. IndusInd Bank provides its customers with a one of a kind facility wherein for every cheque issued from IndusInd Bank, the bank sends the account holders a picture of the cheque along with the bank statement. This innovative facility will help account holders keep track of their issued charges from their savings account.

  1. Video Branch

Account holders of the IndusInd Bank saving account can now communicate with the IndusInd Bank’s Branch Managers, Relationship Managers, and centralised Video Branch Executives through their secure video branch. Those with an IndusInd bank account can carry out fixed deposit, recurring deposit, NEFT, RTGS transactions from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

  1. Social Banking

Account Holders of the IndusInd Bank saving account can check their banking information and stay connected with their bank on Facebook. More so, IndusInd bank account holders can also send money to their Facebook and non-Facebook friends using Quick Pay.

  1. Higher Interest Rate

It is a high interest rate savings account. The IndusInd Bank offers bank interest rates of 6% p.a. which is one of the best savings account interest rates.

  1. Insurance

IndusInd Bank offers complimentary insurance policies to its saving account holders in order to safeguard them from the ever increasing individual risks, thereby, making the IndusInd Bank savings account one of the best savings accounts.   

  1. Lifestyle

If you’re wondering how to save money while also being able to enjoy a fun lifestyle as the IndusInd Bank provides you with the finest lifestyle and leisure privileges, such as discounts on movie tickets at BookMyShow, offers at leading spas and so on.

IndusInd Saving account minimum balance

The minimum balance of IndusInd Bank savings account depends on the type of savings account. The minimum balance varies from Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.

How to open an IndusInd Bank Savings Account

Online saving account opening is meant only for individuals that are above the age of 18 years and are Indian nationals residing in India. In order to apply for a bank account, the individual also needs to hold a PAN Card and an Aadhar card. Click here to apply for a IndusInd Bank savings account.

Walk into your nearest IndusInd bank branch or open a saving account online with an account number of your choice and with the added advantage of a hassle free doorstep documentation process.


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