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Axis Bank Savings Account

Axis Bank offers a savings bank account to a wide range of demographics. Axis Bank has created categories of savings accounts for children, for senior citizens, for women etc. The host of categories has provided customization to the customers.

The Bank Accounts offered by Axis Bank are:

ASAP Instant Savings Account

Axis ASAP is the online savings account from Axis Bank.

Features of Axis ASAP account:

  • The account can be opened instantly using Aadhaar number and PAN.
  • The minimum average balance of Axis ASAP is Rs.10,000.
  • The initial funding amount is Rs.15,000.
  • Customers get a free virtual debit card
  • ASAP account holders can choose any Axis branch of their choice.
  • Customers can opt for Axis ASAP Online Rewards Debit card with  discounts on movie tickets, dining and comes with a higher daily withdrawal limit of Rs.50,000.

Eligibility: Resident Indian Adult (above 18 years of age)

Liberty Savings Account

Most bank savings accounts have a minimum monthly average balance that customers need to maintain. However, Liberty Savings Account is a bit different as customers have the option to maintain a monthly average balance of Rs.25,000 or spend Rs.25,000 from the account in the month.

Customers of Liberty Savings Account comes with Liberty Debit Card that offers 5% flat cashback across food, entertainment, shopping, and travel on weekends. Moreover, customers can get a choice of gift vouchers every quarter.

EasyAccess Savings Account

Axis Bank’s Easy Access Savings Account gives individuals account access, transaction updates and tracking at a low opening deposit of Rs.10,000. The key benefit of the Easy Access Savings Account include a personal accident insurance cover of Rs. 2,00,000 and a Debit Card at a fee of Rs. 200.

Eligibility: Indian Resident Individuals & Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)

Prime Savings Account

The Prime Savings Account benefits include enhanced transaction limits (Rs. 50,000 for daily ATM withdrawals), free & unlimited demand drafts / pay orders, unlimited cheque books and a personal accident insurance cover of up to Rs. 5 lakh.

Eligibility: Indian Resident Individuals & Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)

Prime Plus Savings Account

The Prime Plus Savings Account benefits include higher transaction limits, preferential pricing on locker rent, entertainment benefits such as 10% cash back on movie tickets and a minimum cash back of Rs. 1,000 per year. This account is targeted towards individuals who transact more frequently than an average individual and the value of transactions for these individuals is high.

Eligibility: Indian Resident Individuals & Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)

Women’s Savings Account

The benefits of the Women’s Savings Account include low opening deposit, free cheque books, low average monthly balances, personal accident insurance cover and Axis eDGE rewards. The women of India is becoming independent. With independence, they are taking up more responsibilities and the banking system for them must be personalized for them. Axis Bank has launched  this savings account to cater to the independent women in India. Axis eDGE rewards system is a loyalty program created by Axis Bank for its bank account holders.

Eligibility: All Women Resident Indian

Senior Privilege Savings Account

The benefits of the Senior Privilege Savings Account include higher FD rates (0.5% preferential rates on FD). Axis Bank has tied up with Apollo Pharmacy to give 50% discount at 200 diagnostic centres and 15% off on medical purchases at 1400 Apollo Pharmacy outlets

Eligibility: Individuals who are 57 years or older.

Future Stars Savings Account

The Future Stars Savings Account aims to provide a strong financial foundation for children below 18 years of age. This savings bank account helps introduce the basic principles of money management to children.

Eligibility: Children under 18 years of age

Pension Savings Account

Convenience of hassle-free banking is the prime objective of this account to individuals post their retirement. In light of this, Axis Bank has higher ATM withdrawal limits (Rs. 40000) and a personal accident insurance cover of Rs. 2,00,000.

Eligibility: Central/State Govt., Armed forces Employees eligible for Pension

Trust/NGO Savings Account

Axis Bank Trust/NGO Savings Account gives you unlimited access to your funds through free DD/PO, NEFT/RTGS and cash transactions. Moreover, the account provides solutions for collecting donations and making payments to vendors. This Savings Account also comes with value added services for FCRA Account, family banking and salary accounts for trusted employees.

Eligibility: This Account can be opened by primary co-operative credit society financed by the bank, Khadi and Village Industries Boards, Agriculture Produce Market Committees, Societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or any other corresponding law in force in state or Union Territory, Companies governed by the Companies Act, 1956 and licensed by the central government under Section 25, Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA), Farmers’ Clubs – Vikas Volunteer Vahini – VVV, Self-help Groups (SHGs), registered or unregistered, which are engaged in promoting savings habits among their members.

Insurance Agent Account

The key benefits of the Insurance Agent are low minimum balance requirements and higher withdrawal limits along with convenient banking and transactional services. Additionally it provides for a personal accidental insurance cover of Rs. 2,00,000 and reward points that can be earned for transactions.

Eligibility:  Insurance Agents registered under the IRDA

Youth Savings Account

The forever changing needs of the youth today requires an account with the flexibility required for the youth. The benefits include easy access to funds through multi-channel banking, a debit card with daily ATM withdrawal limits of Rs. 40,000 and shopping limits of Rs. 1 lakh.

Eligibility: Resident Indian (Age group 18-25 years)

Basic Savings Account

The benefits of the Basic Savings Account include free cash deposits, convenient banking with access to multiple branches & ATMs across India and Internet & Mobile Banking services. This comes with the zero balance facility which allows account holders withdraw more than the savings bank account of any other Bank.

Eligibility: All Resident Indians

Small Basic Savings Account

The benefits of the Small Basic Savings Account include a free RuPay Debit Card, monthly e-statements, passbook, etc. It provides a convenient savings benefits with zero minimum balance requirements and covers you with personal accident insurance for Rs. 1 lakh. Individuals who require minimum value added services and would not be affected by a smaller insurance cover purchase this because their objective of depositing is the safety of the money deposited and their money deposited will not exceed Rs. 1 lakh thus their money is safe.

Eligibility: All Resident Indians

Inaam Personal Account

The Inaam Personal Account is an account which acts like a current account because they do not provide interest to the account holders. This is an account for wire transactions outside India. Thus, multi-channel banking of Axis Bank provides for remittances to be transferred through SWIFT. The key benefit of Inaam Personal Account is that Axis Bank provides a 50% waiver on wire charges. Additionally, it also provides reward pints for Axis’s  loyalty program, Axis Edge.

Eligibility: Resident Indian

These were the different savings account offered by Axis Bank.

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