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Five ways to budget your Diwali expenses

The festival season is here and it is easy to go overboard on shopping. After almost two years of waiting, we can finally celebrate Diwali outside the confinements of our home with friends and family. But that doesn’t mean we have to indulge in mindless shopping. Yes, offers and rewards will lure you into overspending, but you have to know the art of controlled expenses.

Keep reading, as we are going to explore five ways in which you could plan to have a blast this Diwali and control your expenses as well.

Expenses sure balloon a bit during the Diwali season, with all the gifting, new clothes, decking up your home, and sweets. Celebrations are good as long as they don’t unsettle your finances.


The first thing that you should do is create a list of items you need this Diwali and budget your expenses accordingly. A list will give you a clear idea of how much you need to spend, and budgeting will help you allocate funds for the list.

Your list should consist of all the items and don’t keep altering your list as it will become difficult for you to stick to the budget you have allocated for Diwali 2022.

If you have a certain number that you want to spend, make sure your entire list is covered within the allocated funds.

Avoid last-minute changes

Great offers and handsome discounts make us change our minds when it comes to shopping, and this is a common problem. The outcome is that we end up spending more than we thought we would. So, be considerate while making your list and don’t make last-minute changes just because there is a sale.

Try and wrap up your Diwali shopping one week before the main event, and once done, don’t look back.

Track your spends

It is easy to overspend, but the question is, do you really need it? An unwanted expense today is impacting your savings for tomorrow. Be aware of how much you are spending. Making a budget will be of no use if you don’t stick to it.

So, track all your spending. If you are using credit cards for your Diwali shopping, set a credit card spending limit for the period. It will help you borrow a limited amount.

Avoid taking too much credit

Taking a personal loan to cover your Diwali shopping is not advisable. Too much credit will lead to overspending. When you borrow, you have to pay back the principal and the interest, which in total comes out to be more than what you borrowed.

Avoid using multiple credit cards to make your purchases. Don’t borrow from friends and surely don’t take a loan just to shop for Diwali.

Find the best deals

It is not at all advisable to overspend just because you are getting a better deal. But taking advantage of the Diwali sales and discounts is what you should look at.

Before you buy, go through all the shopping sites to find the best possible price and then make your purchase. And remember not to spend on unnecessary items.


Diwali is the time to celebrate with family and friends. So go for it, and remember that it is not always about gifts; experiences matter more. Follow the tips and enjoy a financially secure Diwali.


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