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Planning your first digital Savings Account? Check Kotak811 Zero Balance Account

You are never too late to start anything. And when it comes to the subject of saving your hard earned money, always look for the most rewarding one. In today’s market there are multiple conventional and neo banking platforms offering digital savings accounts. While, you are fishing for your first savings account online, we want to talk about Kotak811 savings account and why you should consider opening one. Kotak 811 is platting unique features like affordability, ease, variety and lightning speed. Honestly, a lot to talk about. 

Their tagline is ‘A bank that you can download’ and rightly so. All you need is your mobile phone. Just visit Kotak’s website, key in some details and you are good to go. The online savings account process takes just around 5 minutes and is secure.

One of the best feature of Kotak811

The best thing about Kotak811 savings account is that you can open your online account with ZERO balance. Yes, you got it right. All you need is no money to open a savings account with Kotak811. And believe it, this is not the icing on the cake, there are better things addressing customer satisfaction.

Once you share your Aadhar Card, Pan Card and some other basic details, which by the way is an encrypted process and totally safe. You are eligible for the video KYC, fun fact: Kotak is the first bank to introduce video KYC. So, you can be sure about the fact that the bank breathes the concept of customer convenience.

After completing your video KYC, you are now in the world of Kotak811 zero balance savings account with unlimited features and unmatched benefits.

5 reasons why you should get a Kotak811 zero balance savings account:

  • No minimum balance commitments. Spend every rupee in your account on yourself without worrying about account related fees and charges.
  • A free virtual Debit Card and digital payment options like NEFT, RTGS, UPI and Scan & Pay. You can also avail a physical Debit Card at a very nominal per annum rate.
  • The Kotak811 zero balance account is equipped with a free #DreamDifferent Credit Card. And is eligible as per your CIBIL score.
  • Book a Fixed Deposit and start saving more, once you open a zero balance Kotak 811 savings account.
  • Get up to 4*% interest per annum on your account balance.

After opening the account, complete the full KYC verification and you are eligible to avail the 811 Edge account, packed with additional features like free cheque book, multiple free transactions and more.

So, if your target is set to get a digital savings account. Check all options & go for the one that suites your need and Kotak811 savings account will be a strong contender, which you should include in your list.

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