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Why you should pay your bills through your bank account?

Other than being extremely easy for paying your bill, you can also receive cashbacks and promos for paying bills through net and app banking. 

Internet has made the world a global village. It has made it possible to see someone residing on the other part of the world within a second. Not just that, internet plays an important role in our everyday lives. From catching up with the latest happening to taking online course, internet is omnipresent in everyone’s lives.

Another area where internet has made life simpler is the bill payment. Till a few years ago, paying bills used to be waiting in queues, hurrying before the last date to avoid late fees, writing cheques or giving cheques. Modern banking has made bill payment extremely easy. Now, you don’t have to step out of the house to pay bills.

To pay bills online, you don’t have to look beyond your humble savings account. You can easily set up your bills, manage your bills, pay pending bills and everything right through online banking and mobile application of your savings accounts.   

What makes bill payment thorough online banking and bank app so convenient is the integration of the banks with BillPay, a one-stop bill payment mechanism that allows users to pay bills with just the touch of a button. The BillPay is available in a lot of locations with lot of billers enrolled with BillPay. Many categories of billers such as DTH companies, telecom companies, and electricity and gas providers are enrolled with BillPay.

To pay bills online or through app banking, head towards the billpay section. Select the category of the biller and then the service provider. In the first time, you will need to set up the details of the biller and after which the transactions will be seamless.  You can also opt for the auto pay option. Checking the auto pay option will allow banks to automatically debit from your savings account. However, you will have to set up an upper limit to ensure that your bills within the stipulated amount are paid automatically.   

What’s more? You can also take cashbacks and get offers for paying the bills online as per your bank account.

Here is the summary of the benefits of opting paying bills through your bank account: 

  • You will get a consolidated view of all billers and your payment history
  • You can make all your payments and recharge in one place
  • It is accessible to a lot of billers around 250 billers across different categories
  • No need to wait in queues or write cheques
  • Save time on commute
  • Save money on commuting and by availing promo codes
  • You get SMS alerts for payments made and bills that are presented
  • No more late payments and fines
  • No need to pay agents to take care of the bill
  • No need to safeguard physical bills
  • National billers have pan-India process

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