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Why You Should Get a Kotak 811 Debit Card

Just a few days ago, Ria had opened a Kotak 811 digital account. It was easy to open and all she needed was less than five minutes. She received a virtual debit card with her Kotak 811 account. She could access with the Kotak app. Ria could shop online through the virtual debit card.

However, she realised that the virtual debit card of Kotak 811 didn’t let her use the digital account to the fullest. Hence, when she went shopping, she swiped her credit card. As a result, she was spending more than she could afford which was not healthy.  

She finally opted for Kotak 811 debit card through her bank app. The physical debit card was mailed to her house and she could use her debit card for everything. Opting for a physical card was a hassle-free process. She didn’t have to worry about carrying cash or using a credit card anymore.

A physical debit card brings to you the benefit of a virtual debit card along with other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of using a physical Kotak 811 Debit card:

Shop anywhere through your physical debit card

Physical debit cards are accepted by all merchants whether it is a kirana store or a mall. Hence, a physical debit card makes it easy to shop at different shopping destinations. Whether you are buying your favourite dress or you are on a retail therapy, a debit card can help you to shop anywhere and anytime you want.

You can also use it for your international transactions. Remember, to inform your bank about the same.

Withdraw cash 

One of the limitations of a physical debit card is the inability to withdraw cash from ATM. While the economy is moving towards digital and there is a greater push towards digital transactions, cash is still needed to carry out transactions such as paying auto fares and other small purchases. Cash is also required as a hedge against any failure of the electronic means and for emergencies.

With a physical debit card, customers can easily withdraw cash from Kotak and other bank ATMs for their cash requirements.   

No need to carry cash

As physical debit cards are accepted at almost all stores, you don’t have to carry cash when you are going to a store or mall. Carrying cash requires a lot of attention. You may accidentally lose your notes or your purse. Hence, one needs to extra cautious while carrying cash. Further, it bulks up your wallet.

Carrying a debit card is hassle-free. It hardly weighs anything and it is safe than cash as it comes with security features. In case your purse is stolen or you lose it, you can easily block your card by calling the call centre or through bank app.

Earn rewards

Who said only credit cards give you rewards for carrying out transactions? Using debit cards can also fetch you attractive rewards. Kotak gives different offers for different days of the week and one can avail offers by carrying out the transactions.    

Also, it carries out various campaigns that customers with a debit card can be a part of.


The physical debit card opens up a world. If you have a virtual Kotak 811 debit card, now is the best time to get a physical debit card. The physical debit card is an extension of the virtual debit card. With a physical debit card, you can do things that you typically can’t do with a virtual debit card such as withdrawing cash, paying at local shops and shopping malls etc.

Also, opting for a physical card is easy as you can put the request through the Kotak app or calling the call centre.    


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