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Why you should change your Aadhaar address

Know why you should change your address on your Aadhar card.

In the last few years, Aadhar card has become ‘the’ identification and address proof document. In many cases, the Aadhar card is accepted as both identification and address proof. It has made it extremely easy for many people to open savings accounts, and get other essential connections.

The Aadhaar address is one of the most important components in the Aadhaar card. An up to date Aadhaar card is important as it helps to access important facilities. Now it is very easy to change your address on the Aadhar card. You can either do it online or through the nearest enrolment centre.

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Now, that you know how to update your Aadhar card address change, here are some of the reasons when you should look at changing your Aadhar address:

1. Settled in a new city due to work purposes

In this age of globalisation, it has become extremely easy to relocate to a new place. Gone are the days when people rarely ventured or settled in a new city. Now, more and more people are settling in new cities. While you may visit your parent’s house now and then, but you are living in the new city more than 90% of the time.

You may be staying in a rented place or you have bought a home for yourself. In this scenario, you may want to get new utility connections. These connections may be available if you have residential address proof. Few authorities may not accept rent agreements as residential proof. Hence, this scenario, it is important to have a universal address proof which will be accepted by everyone. Aadhaar Card is one such identification proof. Hence, when you update your Aadhar card address, you will be able to take advantage of various utilities.

Moreover, you don’t need valid address proof to update your Aadhar address. Your landlord can verify your Aadhar card address change request.

2. If you relocate to a new city after marriage

In the Indian traditional setup, after marriage daughters move out of her parent’s house to her husband’s house. As a result, her husband’s house will now act as her address as well.

To update her address proof for various communications from her investment and insurance companies and other such benefits, she may have to update her address. To update her permanent address, she may have to provide with valid address proof.

Aadhar card is a valid address proof which can help to change the communication address as well as the permanent address for various facilities that she had enrolled for.

3. Get a bank account

When you relocate to a new city, you may want to open new savings account from your current address. To make a new bank account, you have to submit valid address proof to open a bank account in your locality. While you can make a new bank account with your rental agreement, certain banks don’t consider rent agreement as a valid address proof.

It is especially the case with online zero balance account. As these bank accounts can be opened online, there are higher chances of frauds taking place. Hence, they prefer address proof like Aadhar card address to validate customers. In a zero balance account, the communication address should be the permanent address. Having the updated address on the Aadhar card would make it extremely easy to open these online zero balance accounts.


Settling into a new city due to work, shifting to a new place after marriage and opening a savings bank account are the three main reasons for updating your Aadhar card address.



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