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When bank comes to your door steps

Senior citizens and differently abled customers can avail doorstep banking by filling an enrollment form to have access to certain set of financial services at their door step.

India though being a developing country has around 8% of elderly population. People above 60 years of age are referred as senior citizens. Many a times, senior citizens find it difficult to visit an ATM or a bank’s branch to avail services provided by banks. Banks earlier used to turn away these people due to difficulties to serve them. Due to repetitive complaints, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has instructed commercial banks to provide door step banking services to senior citizens and differently abled. However many people who can avail this facility aren’t aware of this at all. Since senior citizens were earlier harassed for submission of a life certificates and were asked to visit specific branches they have account at, RBI has also directed banks to accept them at all branches.

Banks are advised to provide them with the basic facilities like pick up cash, financial instrument against receipt, delivery of cash and submission of various certificates i.e. (KYC documents and life certificates).

Kotak Mahindra Bank, for instance offers demand draft delivery, cash delivery, cheque and document pick-up through its doorstep banking services.

doorstep banking
doorstep banking

Benefits of doorstep banking:

Banks comes home:

One of the most prominent features of doorstep banking is that there is no need for you to visit the branch office for certain set of services like withdrawal or cheque deposit. There are still some services like applying for loan/ credit card which are not available covered doorstep banking.

Timely pick up cash:

You can always schedule visit of a bank representative according to your comfort. The bank representative will visit you during the time provided by you so there is no need for you to keep yourself free just to do a transaction.

Low service charge: 

The service under doorstep banking is provided at a very nominal charge. It varies from bank to bank. Banks like State Bank of India provides nonfinancial transaction at Rs. 60/per transaction and financial transaction at Rs 100/per transaction.

Banks with doorstep banking:

A circular was issued by the Reserve Bank of India on 9th November 2017 which advised all the bank to provide basic banking facilities to people above the age of 70 or which medically certified chronic illness or disability which includes visually impaired as well. The following banks have an operational doorstep/bank at home/ home banking services-

  • State Bank of India
  • Axis Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Canara Bank

State Bank of India doorstep banking

People who are above 70 years of age and have a full KYC ( aadhar card) complaint accounts can avail the facility of doorstep banking. This facility is not available to people with joint accounts and to the customers who don’t have a registered address within 5 Km radius of the home branch. The requests to initiate home banking are only accepted at home branch. The amount of cash withdrawal and cash deposit is restricted to Rs 20,000 per day. This service of home banking could be availed by paying Rs. 60 + GST for non financial transaction and RS 100 + GST for financial transactions. The withdrawals are permitted through cheques and withdrawal from passbook only.

Punjab National Bank home banking

PNB offers banking at doorstep to its customers both individual and corporate for pick up of cash from their premises/offices where proper KYC procedures have been followed and aadhar has been submitted to bank.  Customers have to just fill in the enrolment form and an agreement is made with the branch to avail the facility. The cash is picked within normal business hours of the Bank. Complimentary pickup of cheques /instruments is allowed, along with cash pick-up.

Variants offered:

On call pick-up:  Bank representative visits you office or residence once you initiate a request, which could be done through telephone.

Beta pick-up: a bank representative will visit you daily to pick up or deliver cash.

Free of cost option:  Customers who agree to maintain desired account balance in their Savings account /current account are waived off all charges for cash pick-up.


Banks found it difficult to serve senior citizens and they used to just turn them away. After repetitive complaints, RBI had to instruct banks to provide banking facilities at home. Banking at home was primarily introduced for individual account holder who are above 70 years of age or differently abled. Doorstep banking can be availed for a nominal charge which varies according to the bank you are dealing with.

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