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Here's how IPL and Savings Account are similar!

Open a savings account that is more than just a savings account.

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Vivo IPL Logo

IPL is all over the place. Or you can say all over your mind. Whether it is office near the water cooler, with the cabbie you hailed to get to work and even with your siblings, IPL constitutes 90% of your conversations. We know it is super exciting and super entertaining as well.

But what if there was something as exciting as IPL. Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about Kotak 811 Savings Account.  Don’t leave the page just yet as we show how IPL and Kotak 811 are like the two faces of the same coin.

Score more: IPL is all about scoring runs. We don’t watch IPL for ones and twos. We see it for the 4s and 6s. Seeing our favourite cricketers hit the ball out of the ground makes us high. Similarly, Kotak 811 also scores high. While other banks give interest rate around 3.5%, 4% per annum, you can get a 6% on Kotak 811 Savings Account. For e.g. If you save Rs.1,000 on a monthly basis for two years, the difference between a savings bank account and Kotak 811 will be round Rs.21,940.

No strings attached

 IPL is all about in the moment. We cheer, cry and shout all the same time. And once the match is over, it is actually over. IPL comes with the default setting of ‘No strings attached’ and don’t carry the guilt of ghosting. With Kotak 811, you don’t have to pay for anything. Like literally anything!

Diversification is a beautiful thing

 Diversification has higher stake at play in IPL. We can see faces from different countries and states of India. It has a mix of experienced and new talent as well which keeps us on our feet. We pray that the new faces on our favourite teams make us proud. With Kotak 811, you are not stuck to just one zero balance account. If you want something more, you can upgrade to 811 Edge savings, Privy account for premium benefits. You just have to ASK!

Get Entertained

  IPL is all about entertainment. In this 3-hour game you can leave your worries aside and focus on the match. Office work and nagging from your spouse can wait but not IPL. Kotak 811 has everything you need to be entertained. Be it a free movie show, discount on flights or clothes, it will surely keep you entertained. Now, this is something that even IPL would envy.

More score, more returns

 Scoring sixes gives everyone a rush of adrenaline. And more the sixes, higher are the total runs. We all learnt about the compounding in school. Remember, 2*2= 4, 4*4= 16, 16*16= 256. Yes, not everything you learnt in school is useless, at least not compounding. The more money and time you stay put in Kotak 811, higher are the returns.

You don’t have to worry about getting a duck

  Back in the days, a duck especially by a famous cricketer would become the talk of the town. Sorry. It became the talk of the entire country. And in a country like India, it is crores of people talking about a duck. IPL is different. It is tolerant which is a actually a good thing. With IPL you can get a duck without facing the public’s wrath. In Kotak 811, you are welcomed with open arms. Even if you have literally nothing in your bank account, it does not make a difference.

Best in class technology

 Would you believe, we have Dhoni Review System in Kotak 811 as well. Kotak 811 has the best in class technology so that your money is safe from evil eyes.

So, this IPL season, open a bank account that is as good as IPL. After all, the IPL season won’t last forever.


Interest Rate
6%* p.a.
( 6.5% p.a. for Senior Citizens)(Open Kotak 811 and Book an FD to earn up to 7.00% interest)
Minimum Balance
Show Details
  • You can now avail the benefits of the banking solutions with a single touch
  • Kotak 811 offers a virtual debit card (VDC) for the ease of online banking
  • Ideal for all your daily needs such as shopping, groceries, cab payments, and various others
  • Earn 7.00% interest on fixed deposits and Senior Citizens can earn upto 6.5% p.a. To know more click
Interest Rate
(Up to Rs. 1 Lakh)
Minimum Balance
Show Details
  • Open an account only with the help of your Aadhar Card Can apply for this account at the micro ATM of IDFC Bank
  • Account offers Internet & mobile banking, free & unlimited ATM services, and various others.

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