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To help you know where you money went

With ICICI Bank’s My Money, it is now easier to take control of our money by helping you to track your money and personal finances. 

At the end of the month, many of us have little clue on where our money went. Only if there was a better way to take control of our finances and help us track our finances. Tracking our expenses is one of the first steps towards a financially happy life.

There are many apps that can help you track your expenses. But you may think twice before opting for these sites and adding your bank account to it.

With ICICI Bank’s My Money, it is now easier to take control of our money by helping you to track your money and personal finances. 

Features of ICICI Bank’s My Money

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Single view of accounts across different banks

Many of us have multiple savings accounts and it can little difficult to track the different bank accounts. My Money integrates all your savings bank account and gives a single view of all your accounts. It can also be linked to your non-ICICI Bank account and view your bank account statement and track your expenses. It gives you the comfort of managing all your accounts from one single window.

Track your expenses

You can categorise your expenses and track them over time. Also, it gives you the facility to set budgets and receive email alerts.  It automatically segregates your spending into different categories. You can also categorise it yourself. This helps to see your spending pattern over time and make the necessary changes. Finally, you will know where your money went.  

An aggregate of the different accounts

My Money not just aggregates different bank accounts but also gives an aggregated view of your saving account, demat account, fixed deposit, credit card or mutual funds  etc. This will help you to know your total balance and the total amount that you have invested.  

Set a budget

We all tend to go overboard with our shopping. Sometimes it is retail therapy or sometimes it is a new beginning. The ghost of our overspending tends to haunts us a few days later in the form of cash scarcity or credit card bills. The best way to avoid the guilt trip is to set budgets. ICICI Money helps to set budgets and if you are reaching the limit or have crossed your limit, you will receive alerts for the same.

Get various payment alerts

Other than sending you an alert every time you are about to overshoot your budget, you will also get an alert if your bank balance falls below a predetermined level or when your bill payment is approaching. This will make sure that you don’t have to pay for any late fee again. 


You can log in to your ICICI account and start using My Money free for the first 30 days. After the trial period, Rs. 300 plus taxes will be debited from your savings account yearly. You can also choose not to use this facility and unsubscribe from it. 

Here are the steps to open a ‘My Money’ Accoun

  1. Log in to your ICICI Bank Account
  2. Select My Money from the exclusive offerings section
  3. Accept terms and conditions
  4. Add  your ICICI and non-ICICI bank accounts

You will be shown different possible accounts and link it to My Money. You can add over 200 plus institutions and all the ICICI Bank products.

Be financially comfortable or happy is a series of steps. The best way to do it would be to take baby steps. Sticking to a budget and making the best use of the money is the first step towards a financially happy life. 

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