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The best travel buddy that you can have

You can forget your toothbrush, but you shouldn’t forget travel insurance.

Everyone loves travelling. Everyone needs a break from their daily routine. Everyone deserves to rest peacefully without worrying about the stress of work. Travelling is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to do that. It allows you to break away from the monotony in your life.

Discovering new places, meeting new people, eating different varieties of food are some of the perks of travelling. People also travel to watch heritage structures and historic monuments. This way it also brings people closer to their culture. Popularly, travelling is a perfect example of buying an experience.

The costs involved in travelling are humongous. Airplane tickets, hotel bookings, and tour guides canall burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of your expenses when your travel. There are several risks that you face when you travel. You can miss your flight, you can be robbed, you can lose your passport- all of these are possible scenarios that you could face. Hence, multiple companies offer insurance policies to safeguard you from these risks.

What is a Travel Insurance?

It is an insurance policy which covers all kinds of risks when you are travelling both domestically and internationally. It includes covers ranging from Flight Delays and Cancellation to Theft and Liability Cover.

Types of Travel Insurance

There are various types of specialized travel insurance policies, that are tailor-made to specially suit the needs of certain groups. They include:

1) Domestic Travel Insurance

It is an insurance policy taken by customers who are travelling domestically, or within the boundaries or confines of the country they reside in. This policy offers coverage for medical emergencies, lost baggage, and personal liability among others.

2) International Travel Insurance

It is an insurance policy taken by customers who are travelling abroad to international locations, an are in need for an overseas cover. This policy covers medical expenses, hijacks, repatriations to India, and loss of travel documents or passport among others.

3) Students Travel Insurance

This policy exists specially for students who wish to travel abroad to pursue higher studies. These students are admitted to foreign universities on a student visa. This policy acts as a comprehensive cover to protect the student in case of medical emergencies, passport loss, or any other study interruptions. Minimal paperwork is involved here.

4) Family Travel Insurance

This policy is a group insurance policy, which protects families when they undertake tours domestically or abroad. Protections is offered to families against baggage loss, incidental expenses or medical emergencies among others. Minimum paperwork is involved here.

5) Corporate Travel Insurance

This insurance policy offers a cover to corporate employees in India, travelling both domestically and internationally. Protection is offered to employees against medical emergencies and delayed flights among others.

Hence, now you understand how important it is to get a travel insurance policy. You must analyse the policies of each company carefully, and pick the type of policy that suits your needs, as well as covers the risk that you face.

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