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Teacher’s Day: 5 Investing Lessons to learn from Teachers

The best teachers help to mould and shape our life. They have a lasting impact on our life, and we celebrate Teacher’s Day in their honour. Best teachers don’t limit their teaching to just textbooks. We can learn a lot of things from our teachers, including investing lessons.

Here are some investing lessons that we can learn from our teachers.

1. Patience

Good teachers are patient with their students. They make sure that everyone has understood the subject. If students cannot grasp the subject, they will explain it to them several times without losing patience.

Similarly, investing also requires patience. Equity investments have the potential to outperform other assets in the long run. However, it is volatile in the short run. By being patient with your investments, you can make the right investment decisions, accumulate a larger corpus and fulfil your financial goals.


The best teachers are disciplined teachers. They understand the importance of being disciplined and strive to be an excellent role model for their students.

In the same way, disciplined investment can bring out benefits of investing. Putting away certain sum of money in a savings account/ recurring deposit and investing in a mutual through SIP, irrespective of the external conditions are forms of disciplined investment.   

3.Proper planning

To teach a class, teachers have to plan their classes in advance. Breaking a huge syllabus into smaller parts and completing it within the time frame can help the teacher manage their classes better. 

To go far and achieve your financial goals, proper planning is the key. Proper goal planning will help you stay focussed and disciplined as you progress on your investment journey.


Most of us hated giving tests or sitting for exams as students. However, it is an integral part of our student life. And teachers organise surprise tests so that students are regular in their studies and always on their toes.

To be on top of your money game and achieve your goals within the timeline, regular check-up of your portfolio is important. You can review your portfolio every quarter or on a semi-annual or annual basis. This will help to identify the laggards, change from ideal asset allocation because of market movements etc. and you can take the right investment decisions. Just like surprise test, any development such as loss of family member, marriage, and job loss may need a portfolio revision.

5. Unbiased Guidance

Good teachers act as a guiding force. Whenever we are stuck in a problem, or require an unbiased opinion on a matter, they are always willing to help. Having such a teacher can make it easier to tackle problems and achieve greater heights.

Proper unbiased guidance is also important when investing. Getting unbiased advice from financial advisors will help you select the right investment options and course of action. A financial advisor can help us stay away from behavioural biases and take rational decisions. It will help you achieve your financial goals easily. 


There are many lessons that we can learn from teachers. We can learn investing lessons from our teachers. Patience, discipline, proper planning, regular review, importance of guidance are some investing lessons that we can take from our teachers.

Happy Teacher’s Day!



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