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Scan & Pay: Make Contactless Payment through Bank's Mobile App

Scan and Pay is one of the digital payment methods through which customers can pay for their purchases by scanning the QR code available with the merchant. However, did you know that you don’t have to download Phone Pay or Google Pay to carry out contactless payment? You can pay by scanning the QR code through your bank’s mobile banking app.

If you haven’t downloaded your bank’s mobile banking app, you should do it as you can do multiple things through your bank app.

How Does Scan & Pay Work?

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One of the most striking features of the Scan and Pay system is that it offers immense ease of use to the users. As a customer, you are simply required to scan the specific QR (Quick Response) code and then enter the amount that you want to transfer. Once it is successful, the particular amount would instantly get deducted from your account. As such, there is no need for any swiping machine or entering passwords or PINs. There is also no need of entering the phone number or account details of the particular merchant towards enabling payments.

How to Operate the Scan & Pay Feature?

If you wish to use the Scan & Pay feature, you need to have a smartphone and then, download the specific mobile app or your bank’s website through which you will be using this feature. Most of the leading banks offer the feature of “Scan & Pay” through their mobile banking apps. For instance, Kotak Mahindra Bank customers including Kotak 811 can avail the scan & pay option through the Kotak Mobile Banking App.

Benefits of Scan to Pay

  • Secure, real-time payments
  • Physical debit card is not required
  • Ease of making payments
  • No need of carrying cash around
  • Totally contactless payment makes it a safer payment mechanism

How to use your Bank’s mobile banking app to scan and pay

Most prominent banking apps have the scan to pay option inbuilt in their app. Some banks also offer BHIM apps that their customers and other bank customers can also use.

Kotak Bank’s Scan and Pay

Here’s how you can carry out scan and pay through your Kotak Mobile Banking App. If you are a Kotak 811 customer and don’t have your physical debit card, you can easily pay for your purchases through the Scan & Pay option by using the virtual debit card.

Step 1: Log into Kotak Mobile Banking app using your 6 digit mPIN

Step 2: Visit the ‘Pay & Transfer’ section in the My Kotak section. You can also find it on your home screen.

Step 3: Click on the Scan & Pay icon to initiate payment

Step 4: Scan the QR code

Step 5: Add the required amount, select your debit card and confirm the payment

Step 6: If required, you can save the invoice on your mobile device for future reference. The money will be transferred instantly to the beneficiary’s account.

ICICI Bank’s Scan & Pay

ICICI Bank customers can use the scan and pay option through the iMobile App and Pockets App.

ICICI Bank mobile banking app

  • Login to iMobile app
  • Click on ‘Shopping & Offers’
  • Select ‘Scan to Pay’
  • Your phone camera is opened and project your camera on the QR code
  • Enter the amount, select Debit Card, and enter your PIN to complete the transaction

ICICI Bank’s Pocket App

  • Login to Pockets app
  • Tap on the ‘Scan to Pay’ tab
  • Project your camera to scan the QR code
  • Enter the amount, select Debit Card, and enter your PIN to make the payment

Axis Bank’s Scan to Pay

Axis Bank customers can pay through the contactless payment option by using their debit or credit card.

  • Open the Axis Bank Mobile App
  • Select Scan & Pay
  • Scan the QR Code displayed at the store
  • Enter the amount and other required details
  • You have the option to select any debit card or credit card through which you would like to make the payment
  • Check the payment details and complete the payment


Paying by scanning the QR code at the store or merchant is one of the easiest ways to pay for your purchases. So take advantage of the safe payment option and carry out transactions through your bank’s mobile banking app.


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