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Saving lessons from Game of Thrones

Winter is finally here and all the Houses are collecting their forces and are preparing for the Great War. But, are you prepared? Obviously, not to deal with Winter, but to deal with something that is quite as daunting: your finances. Along with the brutality, bloodshed, dragons and back stabbing, this classic TV Show has even given us a few personal tips on how to manage our finances for the future.

Saving lessons from Game of Thrones
Saving lessons from Game of Thrones

A savings account performs the primary of keeping your money safe along with allowing you to earn an interest income as well.   Along with a tight security, a saving account also limits unnecessary spending. Browse through the below lessons on saving from your favorite Game of Thrones characters. 

Save money as protection for the unforeseeable future

No one can really predict much of the gruesome events in Game of Thrones. Did you see the Red Wedding coming? Probably, not. Now, we know that the Starks maintain respect and dignity when dealing with their dead, as we have seen with the crypts of Winterfell. With the Stark resources low after Robb Stark’s death, how would a young Arya giver her mother and brother a decent burial? This is where a secret savings account would probably be of help. Along with revenge, Arya could use the money in the account to build respectful statues in the crypt.

On a similar note, we too may face some unpredictable and expensive accidents. Say you have gone through a minor accident but have still dented your really expensive car; or you may have accidentally broken an important appliance. What are you going to do? Insurance may cover some expenses, but there still may be some horrid deductibles. This is where a saving account will come to save the day! You can use the saved money to meet the incurred cost.

Pay your debt

The Lannisters may be a murderous, greedy and cruel family, but the one thing they did right is- Always pay their debts. The Iron Bank generally poses as financial backup to help the Lannisters achieve this feat. Do you have a financial backup to literally, bank on?

A savings account might just be the financial aid that we are looking for. A bank account like this helps in asset protection where say, under a circumstance you may have incurred a severe loss because you may have made a large investment for which you thought you would get a better return as compared to a savings account. But, this did not work well for you because of an unforeseeable emergency or problem and now, you could be in debt. And you have to pay your debts. A saving account is a lifesaver in this case.

Changing your alliances can help

After the years of abuse from his dysfunctional family, Tyrion Lannister decided to leave his family and switch allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen, who wants the Iron throne from the Lannisters. An important tip we can take from Tyrion is that there exists more than just one route to our welfare and betterment.

Similarly, when it comes to creating a savings account, we must keep ourselves fully updated on the best savings account interest rates in the market. Why go for something lesser than the best deal? Browse through the net for bank interest rates and switch to banks that can get you the best returns on your money.    

The night is dark and full of terrors, without a banking system:

The northern wall is a clear demarcation of civilization and chaos. There is a similar barrier between the banking system and those who are not a part of the banking system. It is chaotic outside the banking system, where many people have to face constant security risks, inflated charges on lending services, and difficulties with paying bills.  

It is thus advised to people outside the banking system, to break this barrier and avail superior benefits and services that come with holding a bank account. Accessing and tracking your saving account is now extremely convenient with Net Banking facility that is provided by most banks. Along with a host of banking facilities, you are also given an opportunity to earn returns on the money in your account. 

To conclude, along with its different features, most savings accounts do not just aid in unexpected circumstances, but also helps you be independent and save up for major life changing goals.


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