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Bandhan Bank Saving Accounts

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Bandhan Bank Saving Account comes in various shapes and sizes. Bandhan Bank recognizes the different needs of different people in an Indian society and thus provides various saving accounts to best meet the needs of each citizen. Browse through the below list and pick out the best savings account for you!

Premium Savings Account:

The Premium Savings Account is designed especially for select Bandhan Bank Saving Account customers who wish to avail a preferential banking experience along with earning a higher rate of interest on the balance in their bank account.

The features of the Premium Savings Account are:

  • Premium Banking privileges
  • No charge for a host of banking services.
  • You can earn a high interest on this savings account
  • Higher transaction limit
  • Lifestyle privileges with exclusive relationship.
  • No charge for cash withdrawals at Bandhan Bank ATMs and 25 free cash withdrawals from other banks ATMs.
  •  No charge for Bank @ Home facility where 2 cash/ cheque drop and pick- up is absolutely free, on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly average balance required – Rs. 100,000

Advantage Savings Account:

Use your bank account to your advantage! An Advantage Savings Account, as the name suggests, provides an additional advantage to better banking products and accessibility to your saving account. The paybacks of this savings account are:

  • Enhances access, additional services are available on an Advantage Savings Account.
  • Net banking, Phone banking, Mobile Banking facility is provided.
  • No charge for a Multicity ‘At- Par’ Cheque book facility with 40 Cheque leaves per month.
  • No charge for issuing a Debit- cum- ATM Card.
  • Monthly average balance of RS. 25,000.

Standard Savings Account:

If you wish to hold a saving account with low maintenance, Bandhan Bank Saving Account offers you the Standard Savings Account. Its benefits are:

  • Convenient Banking with Standard Privileges and Benefits.
  • Facility for electronic transfer is provided.
  • Unlimited branch cash withdrawal facility
  • 2 NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/DD Transfer facilities per month.
  • Monthly average balance of Rs. 5,000.

Sanchay Savings Account:

Bandhan Bank provides the Sanchay Savings Account to encourage people begin the journey of creating a savings account. This bank account is extremely easy to open, access, and maintain. The features of the Sanchay Savings Account are as follows:

  • Safe and secured banking facility.
  • Free cash deposit limit of Rs. 2 lakh on a monthly basis.
  • Free Multicity ‘At- Par’ Chequebook facility with 20 cheque leaves, monthly.
  • Free facility of 5 cash withdrawal transactions per month at other Bank ATMS.
  • Monthly average balance required – Rs. 2,000.

Special Savings Account:

This saving account is specially crafted to suitable meet the requirements of the differently abled. The Special Savings Account offers a wide range of banking services at low maintenance. The benefits of this bank account are as follows:

  • Complimentary Net Banking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking facility.
  • Free Bank @ Home facility, where the bank account holder is eligible to 1 free cash/ cheque pick- up and drop facility on a monthly basis. 
  • Free cash withdrawal facility- at any Bandhan Bank ATM or any other Bank ATMs.
  • Convenient Banking- as a saving account holder you are eligible to transact at any Bandhan Bnak branch across India.
  • Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 5,000.

GOS Savings Account:

Bandhan Bank offers the GOS Savings Account as a zero balance account specifically for government grants. This saving account provides support to the Central and State bodies, agencies and departments. Its features include:

  • This is a zero balance account. This means that there is penalty levied on the account holder for a low balance in the bank account.
  • No charge for DD/PO on the location of Bandhan Bank.
  • No charge for Doorstep Banking facility.
  • No charge for Cheque collection.

TASC Savings Account:

A TASC Savings Account is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of non- profit organisations like associations, NGOs, hospitals, trusts, and so on. Its paybacks include:

  • Non- profit entities following RBI Guidelines are eligible to this saving account.
  • This is a zero balance account. There is no minimum balance required in the account.
  • Free collection of school and membership fee.
  • No charge for local fee collection.
  • No charge for consolidated annual account statement.

BSBDA Savings Account:

The BSBDA Savings Account by Bandhan Bank is feasible to the common man and is packed with basic banking facilities. The features include:

  • This is a zero balance account with no minimum balance requirement.
  • There is no upper limit for a maximum balance.
  • No charge for Passbook.
  • No charge for ATM- cum- Debit Card.

BSBDA- SMALL Savings Account:

Bandhan Bank offers the BSBDA- SMALL Savings account for the common man who has missing documents under the KYC (Know Your Customer) mandate. Its benefits include:

  • An account holder does not need to maintain a minimum balance in the bank account.
  • The account holder is given 12 months to apply for the missing KYC documents after opening the account and is further given an additional 12 months to submit the account.
  • No charge for an ATM- cum- Debit Card, without any additional annual maintenance charges.
  • No charge for Passbook.

Along with the varied types of savings account to suit each citizen’s needs perfectly, Bandhan Bank also provides additional standard benefits to all savings account holders, like the 24/7 Convenience Center which is available to answer customer queries and fulfill concerns whenever needed. Banking@your convenience is a digital channel provided by the bank enhances your banking experience via Net Banking.

To know more about Bandhan Bank saving account, click here.

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