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Opened a Kotak 811 Video KYC Account? Know what to do next

The way we do banking is no longer same. It has undergone a sea of changes. Now, thanks to video KYC, we can open a full-fledged savings account from the comforts of your home without visiting your bank. Kotak Bank was the first bank to introduce video KYC for their Kotak 811 customers. After you complete the video KYC process, the bank will open a full-fledged Kotak 811 with no limits within a few hours.

If you have opened a Kotak 811 through video KYC, here are some things that you need to take care to make the best use of your account.

Keep your account details for future reference

After the account is opened, you will receive a mail and SMS on your registered email id and phone number containing your account details such as your account number, Customer Relationship Number (CRN) and IFSC code. Keep these details handy for future reference. You can also know your CRN by sending an SMS. Type CRN and send the message to 9971056767 from your bank registered mobile number and you will get your CRN.

Download the Kotak Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking apps have made banking on our fingertips. You can carry out all your banking requirements through the bank’s official banking app.

If you have opened a Kotak 811 account through video KYC, you can download the Kotak mobile banking app to check your balance, view your account details and carry out any banking transactions.

  • Download the Kotak Bank’s mobile banking app. Enter your CRN. If you don’t know your CRN, SMS CRN to 9971056767 from your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the mobile banking PIN (MPIN) that you have set during the account opening process. If you don’t remember the MPIN, tap on forgot MPIN.
  • As you are using the mobile banking application for the first time, you need to set a new MPIN. Tap on ‘Personal Details’ tab to continue. Enter your details. 
  • Enter a 6-digit new MPIN of your choice and re-enter the same MPIN to confirm.

You can avail the various features and facilities of the mobile bank app.

Add money to your account

Adding money to your Kotak 811 account is easy. You can deposit money in your Kotak 811 through another bank’s debit card or through net banking with the help of Kotak 811 details. You can also visit the nearest Kotak bank branch to deposit cash.  

Access your virtual debit card

As Kotak 811 is a digital savings account, it comes with a free digital/virtual debit card. You can access your virtual debit card through the bank’s app.

As per the new RBI’s directive to make debit cards safer, customers can use their new debit cards to transact at POS and ATM only. To activate online transactions, log on to your mobile banking app then go to debit card section and tap on card control sections. You can set your limit for online transactions. 

Apply for physical debit card

If you want to use your debit card for offline transactions or to withdraw money from ATM, you can opt for a physical debit card. You can place a request for a physical debit card through the app.

Here’s how you can apply for a physical debit card:

  • Log on to Kotak mobile banking app
  • Go to the 811 Section
  • Tap on virtual debit card
  • Tap on ‘Get one now’ to apply for a physical debit card.

You can also send a SMS GETDC to 9971056767 to request for a physical debit card.


If you have opened a Kotak 811 account through video KYC, take care of certain things to take the maximum benefits from your account. Note your account details, download the bank app and access your virtual card to carry out transactions. Also, apply for a physical debit card to pay for purchases at supermarkets or withdraw cash from ATM.


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