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How to Open Union Bank Savings Account Online

You can open Union Bank savings account online by downloading the bank app and through bank’s platform. Open regular and digital savings account online.

open union bank account online

Whether it is opening a savings account or carrying out banking transacting, digital is the future. Many banks have introduced online account opening process for their customers. Individuals planning to open a bank account with Union Bank of India (UBI) can open a savings account online.

You can open Union Bank savings account online by downloading the app and applying online through the bank’s platform.

Opening Union Bank account online

Open Union Bank savings account by downloading app

  • Download Union Selfie & M-passbook app from Playstore or App store
  • Take your Selfie, scan your Aadhaar card and PAN card. The account number is generated instantly.
  • To activate your account, visit your chosen branch with original Aadhaar & Pan Card or activation of your account.

Apply savings account through website

  • Visit the online account opening page
  • Fill your details and visit the chosen branch with the identity proof and address proof document for opening the UBI savings account.

Documents needed to open UBI savings account online

You need to provide your PAN card and one of the documents as address proof

  • Passport
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhaar Letter/Card
  • NREGA Card

Accounts that can be opened online

Individuals have the option to open three types of accounts: regular savings account, digital account and pension account online.

Regular savings account:

  • Individuals and organisations can open regular saving account online.
  • Customers have the option to opt for a savings account with a cheque book and without a cheque book. Depending on the option chosen and the location, the minimum average balance will vary.

Table of required minimum average balance

Branch LocationWithout Cheque BookWith Cheque Book
Semi Urban250500
minimum average balance
  • The bank offers 3% interest rate p.a. on deposits up to Rs.25 lakhs and more than Rs.25 lakhs. The interest amount depends on the daily closing balance and is credited to the account in April, July, October and January every year.

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Union Digital Savings Account (UDSA)

  • Union Digital Savings Account is an online zero balance savings account.
  • The account has no minimum average balance requirements.
  • Only individuals can open this account.
  • Free and unlimited online transactions through platforms such as U-mobile, UPI, Net Banking etc
  • As it is a digital account, charges will apply for any cash deposit in the account.
  • Customers can earn reward points on every online transaction.

Pension Account

  • Customers who receive their pension through Union Bank can open specialised pension account online.
  • Pension amount is disbursed to the pensioners swiftly.
  • Any increase in Dearness Allowance(DA) is credited to the account with no delay.
  • Customers receive an interest rate of up to 4% for deposits more than Rs.25 lakhs and 3.25% for interest up to Rs.25 lakhs. The interest rate in calculated on a daily closing balance and credited quarterly.

How to open Union Bank savings account online

open union bank online

  1. Click here to open a Union Bank savings/ pension account online. Choose the required account from the top banner.

  2. Enter your personal details such as full name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, PAN number. You have the option to choose one of the id proof from the drop-down list such as driving license, passport, voter ID card etc. Choose your state, district and preferred branch. Click on ‘Continue’.

  3. In this step, you need to enter your address and other details such as your communication address, annual income, occupation details, place of birth and marital status.

  4. It is important to add a nominee as it helps your nominee to receive the proceeds in case of an unfortunate event. Enter the details of your nominee such as full name, address of your nominee. You can just check the box if your address is same as the nominee address.

  5. After you filled up your nominee details, you can opt for different services offered by the bank. Internet banking, ATM cum debit card, mobile banking are some facilities that you can opt for. Check the required boxes and click on ‘Submit Application. Once you have submitted the application, you will receive a reference number. Keep it handy for future reference.

  6. Download the application form and visit the bank branch with the KYC documents that you have selected and passport photographs for verification.

  7. You can also track the status of your submitted application by clicking on ‘Track Saved/Submitted Application’ available on top of the top of online account opening form.

 Your Union Bank of India is now open.

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