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Online shopping - an advantage or a curse?

Use it wisely or suffer the consequences.

Online shopping have been here for quite some time. One simply needs to go on a specific website or even on a website which combines and compiles various stores allowing for a lot of people to shop. The demographic which is targeted for online shopping is teenagers to young adults. Online shopping is very different from the original brick and mortal store. A brick and mortal store is one which you can physically visit and look at the clothes and try them on. Despite technology advancing a lot, brick and mortal stores are still running quite successfully. Online shopping has many advantages but it also can be detrimental to an individual. 


Online shopping is a step forward into the future. Online shopping allows you to buy clothing from the comfort of your home and at all hours of the day.


Online shopping allows you to buy anything and everything at any time of the day or night. It is very beneficial for those who need to purchase things on an urgent basis. This allows you to order groceries online and it will be delivered fresh to your house. This is extremely convenient for individuals who are very busy and don’t have time to go out to buy their things. Furthermore, online shopping has a lot of benefits and one of which is that it’s availability 24/7.

Variety of option

Variety of options means that there are a lot of products such as clothes, groceries in online shopping, which can’t be found in a regular store. There are a huge variety of clothes which are available for you to choose from. There are a million clothing options on each website. This allows for greater choice. Furthermore, stores like Amazon and other sites can compare similar products which allows you to find cheaper alternatives and better features. There are also on sites such as Amazon Pantry and Big Basket that have grocery products but their prices may vary. This means that an individual can check those websites and get groceries at attractive rates.

Buying foreign products

You can purchase products which are from abroad. This is exceptionally true in the case of clothing. There are certain stores which are not available in India or near your residential area which can be bought via online shopping. However, it is important to note that these products are much more expensive than a regular product. For example, you can buy something from BooHoo or Pretty Little Things which are both foreign companies which don’t have a physical store.


Online shopping can be a curse as it can lead to things like confusion due to the abundance of options and being unable to track your spending.

Too many options

Online shopping has a lot of options. Too many options which lead to confusion. We are unable to decide what we actually want, we go on the internet with a view of what we want to buy but then by the end of our shopping session, we have things in our cart which we are skeptical of buying. We often get confused by online shopping because we end up reading reviews which make it much harder to choose the product we want to buy.

Compulsive spending

It becomes easier to shop compulsively when shopping online. As online shopping is so much convenient, we don’t think twice before things on our cart.

This is a major disadvantage and can lead to overspending. This can be prevented by budgeting and making sure that you only buy what you need.

To conclude, online shopping has its benefits and its detriments but what we need to understand is that, if we use it properly and wisely then it is very beneficial and you can take advantage of the benefits of online shopping. However if you use it recklessly then it will cause you harm through overspending. You should always remember that when you are doing online shopping you should only buy what you wanted to buy rather than looking for what to buy online.

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