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Now an RD for all your Travelling Goals

Do you love travelling? And do you live by the motto ‘Work, Save, Travel, Repeat’, then there is an RD that takes care of your travelling goals. IDFC First Bank’s Travel Saver has tied up with Thomas Cook to make your travelling goals a reality.

 It is applicable for both national and international destinations.

Customers can check the current price, the package that they are interested and open an RD for 12 months. The RD gives the current interest rate on 1 year RD.   

You can check all the different packages here

After maturity, the amount is transferred to the agency and they take care of the entire tour.


Who is it for?

If you love travelling, then this RD is for you. Whether you are a solo traveller or want to travel with your family, you can plan for it accordingly. As all the travelling take place in a group, it can be the first step for solo travellers who want to travel solo but still hesitate to do so.    

As the price applicable is for one person, you may have to multiply it with the number of people that are planning to join you on in this vacation. 

Enjoy travelling but don’t want the hassle of planning and making an itinerary? As Thomas Cook takes care of all the things, you can just sit back and enjoy your vacation. You don’t have to worry about flight tickets, booking hotels and sightseeing places and meals as it is taken care of by the travel agency.

Features and Benefits of Travel Saver Account

Saving for a holiday is a better option than taking credit such as using credit cards or taking personal loans. Here are some of the features and benefits of the Travel Saver Account.

  1. By saving money in your RD, you earn interest as well. While, in the case of personal loans, you have to give a rate of interest.
  2. You can save the extra amount received as interest.
  3. Customers can also get vouchers from Thomas Cook which is applicable based on the total package cost. 
  4. Your entire travel plans are taken care of.
  5. One can cancel their holiday before the amount is transferred by the bank to Thomas Cook. No penalties will be levied. However, once the amount is transferred by the bank, cancellation policy as per Thomas Cook will be applicable.
  6. If you have booked for 3 people and only 2 people will be travelling, the difference in the amount will be credited to the customer as a gift card.
  7. The RD can be opened as a joint RD.
  8. Nomination facility is available.
  9. Premature withdrawals are available. However, partial withdrawal is not applicable.

If you want to utilise the portion of your maturated RD amount, you will be treated as an Ad Hoc case and the voucher may not be applicable. Eg. If you get Rs. 1 lakh at maturity and you want to redeem Rs.70,000 for travelling and save the rest, you will be considered as an individual case and not as a bank customer. 

Also, if the amount of the package after the application of the voucher is less than the matured amount, the extra money will be refunded back to your savings account.


We all make plans to travel and also open RD for the same. However, life happens and we withdraw it before the maturity date for other purposes. This defeats the whole purpose of goal planning.

If you want to travel but something or the other always stopped you from leading the life that you want, Travel Saver RD will help you to fulfil your travelling goals.

Click here to apply for Travel Saver RD.    

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