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Money lessons from your favourite Disney Movies

Frozen, Cinderella, Up, Aladdin are some of the most watched Disney movies and you can get ample financial lessons as well.

Disney movies have widened our imagination and have provided us with life-long lessons. But believe it or not, they can also help you with your finances. Browse through the below financial advice compiled from your favorite Disney characters, based on what they do- or fail to do- on their way to their happily ever afters.

Diversification always helps: Frozen (2013)


If you’ve watched Frozen, you would know that Kristoff has a made a living by selling off ice, right from his childhood days. But when Elsa sets off an eternal winter, his stream of income comes to a standstill. This is because the cold has definitely bothered the Arendelle, and no one wants to buy ice anymore.

Take a page out of Kristoff’s book and do not place all your investments in one place. If all your investments are in one place, there is a high chance that you may face a defeating blow due to unpredictable market changes. Investments like mutual funds and stocks do offer higher returns, but they are risky as well. Therefore, it is recommended that you diversify your investments in varied assortments to help you survive the winter.

Don’t get greedy and plan a budget: Aladdin (1992)

Along with giving us a whole new world of love and magic, Disney’s Aladdin has also given us a tip or two on how to manage our finances.

Firstly, we learn to not be greedy. When Aladdin and Abu visit ‘The Cave of Wonders’ they are given specific instructions to ‘touch nothing but the lamp.’ Of course, they refuse to listen. Thus, when our favorite idiot monkey cannot resist the shiny ruby, the cave begins to crumble and they barely make it out.       

A pro tip here: be happy with you have. Do not try to bend the rules in order to make some extra cash; there are bound to be some loopholes there. Keep in mind this incident when you want to risk your financial well-being to buy that new, flashy appliance.

Secondly, if there is anything in common between Aladdin and us, it is probably that we need to budget our resources carefully. Aladdin’s got 3 wishes to win Jasmine’s heart and we’ve got limited money to meet our financial goals.

Keep in mind to carefully plan a budget to maintain a good financial health.

Always have an emergency fund: Up (2009)

Disney Pixar’s film ”UP” – Mr Frederickson

Other than giving us a story about real happiness and adventure, Disney/Pixar’s most heartbreaking film ‘Up’ has also provided us with helpful gems to achieve financial independence.

We see that Carl and Ellie are saving up each penny to embark on the trip of a lifetime: to Paradise Falls. But whenever their savings grow into anything worthwhile, life happens. Be it to get treatment for Carl’s broken leg or to fix their broken roof, they never land up saving enough to make that adventure together.

What we learn from Carl and Ellie’s beautiful story is that we all need to keep some of our earnings aside to help us achieve our dream. But, we ought to do this in a financial- savvy way. Investing in a savings account is a recommended.  Most importantly, do not hesitate to keep aside a fair sum of money aside as your dream fund. That sum of money is going to be your saving grace from the mundane. A dream is always useful because ‘adventure is always out there.’

Make a will: Cinderella

Our favorite Disney princess, Cinderella, is left penniless when her father dies. This of course, does not work out for her as she is forced to watch her evil stepmother and stepsisters squander away her father’s money. A tip we can take from this is that Cinderella’s father should have made a legally- binding will to make sure his daughter would be taken care off in the event of his passing. More importantly, since he had quite a bit of wealth and property on him.

Similarly, if you have assets or debts, it is suggested that you draw up a will. This is especially helpful if you have assets as it will definitely make life easier for your family on your passing. Making a will is even more so important if you have children. You need to make a will to ensure that your children are financially protected if you are not going to be there to provide for them.

Stay committed to your savings plan: The Princess and the Frog (2009)

If the Princess and the Frog has taught us anything, it is that hardwork and sacrifice always pays off in the end. Tiana is a young aspiring chef who hopes to open her own restaurant someday. And she does work very hard to achieve that dream. While all her friends are out dancing, Tiana prefers to work and save her money.    

What we learn from Tiana is: always commit to your savings plan. Of course, this may be easier said than done. You will be tempted to splurge on yourself when you first receive that hard-earned paycheck. But, we suggest that you do not. Figure out ‘why’ you need to save and work your way towards planning a foolproof savings plan from there.

Beware of smooth salesmen: The Little Mermaid (1989)

Our mermaid princess Ariel desperately wants to meet her Prince Eric and so wants to wants to exchange her fin for a pair of legs. Ursula knows this and exploits Ariel’s vulnerability and asks Ariel to ‘sing her soul (voice) away- before she can actually think it through.

Similarly, you need to be aware of smooth talkers as well. It is suggested that you do a complete background check and properly read-up before investing in certain financial products. A pro-tip: always read the fine print before investing in anything.

Have a backup plan is your job becomes obsolescent: The Incredible (2004)

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl were out of a job when the world decided that they no longer needed any superheroes to defend them. The post- superhero life worked out well for Helen as a mommy of 3 super kids. The same was not for Bob, though. He clearly hated his new desk job and failed to find himself in the new world without superheroes. His only saving grace was following the police pager for secret missions that could help him relive his superhero glory.

If your job is in danger of turning obsolete, find a backup plan to escape the mundane. Take some time out during the week to do something that you enjoy, or spend time with your family and friends. Worst case scenario: Find a job that makes you happy. After all, is life without happiness worth living?

Do not double cross your business partners: Tangled (2010)

Flynn Rider is what you should not be if you run a business. The ever charming man gets into a business deal with thus. He goes against the thugs. And of course, the thugs then want to get their revenge.

What we learn from Flynn is that firstly, you should choose our business partners carefully. Secondly, we definitely should not double cross our business partners.  And finally, running away from a bad business deal is not recommended.

If there is one thing that all Disney movies teach us, it is the importance of family in our lives. A final lesson: always remember that money amounts to nothing without a good crew who has got your back.

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