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Know About Different Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile Banking Apps have made it possible to carry out banking transactions from anywhere in just a few taps. From opening an online savings account to applying loans, you can do almost anything through the mobile banking app.

Here are some of the mobile banking applications and its features.

Kotak Mobile Banking App

While most banking apps are meant for account holders, Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the few banks to offer instant account opening i.e. Kotak 811 to individuals who don’t have any existing relationship with the bank.

The app offers more than hundred facilities on their app.

You can manage all your financial transactions, send and receive money through NEFT, IMPS and RTGS & UPI, request for a cheque book and much more.

Through the app’s KayMall, you shop in Flipkart, book flights, hotel rooms and train tickets among others.

You can use the AutoPay feature to get a reminder of your monthly bills and pay it automatically from your account.

If you are facing cash crunch or emergency, you can get your salary in advance through the Kotak Payday Loan that is available with just a few taps. You can repay the loan when your salary is credited in your account.

Axis Mobile

Secure: Axis Mobile is a secure mobile banking application for the Axis bank account holders.

Satisfies All The Banking Needs: This mobile Applicationof Axis bank facilitates all the banking features to make banking easy and convenient.

Offers Many Features: The mobile application allows you to do money transfers, UPI account linking, bill payments, and a lot more than that.

Easy To register: One can easily get started with the mobile application by simply registering through an easy process.

Fast Access: The Axis bank mobile application allows you to access everything faster, be it any feature of banking.Bandhan Bank

Easiest: The Bandhan bank mobile application is among the easiest to use mobile banking application with a simple user interface.

Register Without Any Complications: You just need your phone number & a valid debit card or details of your internet banking to get registered in the application.

Available On Every Platform: The Bandhan mobile app can be downloaded on Android as well as on ios.

Numerous Features: With the bank’s mobile application you can access several banking features seamlessly such as bank transfer, balance check, bank statement, etc.

Faster Banking: With the use of Bandhan Bank’s mobile application your banking becomes hassle-free and quicker than you think.

Bank Of Baroda

Latest Use Interface: M-Connect plus is a newly launched mobile application for Bank of Baroda account holders and has a brand new user interface with the latest app development features.

Numerous Languages Available: The application is available in distinct languages which include almost all the regional languages of India.

Endless Features: Bank of Baroda’s M-Connect application privileges the account holders to get access to an endless number of banking facilities easily.

Access Complicated Banking Features Also: M-Connect sets no limit for the account holders when it comes to accessing banking features. One can even open an FD Account and can even check the status of a Cheque.

Update Your Banking Details Easily: The mentioned mobile application of BOB permits you to alter or change your bank details through your mobile-only.

Bank Of India

Safest To Use: When you land your trust in using the BOI Mobile application, you can be sure about the safety of all the bank processes.

Access Your Account Easily: Through the BOI Mobile application, you can manage your account easily on your mobile phone and find an easy way forward.

Anywhere Banking: With the easy-to-use, user-interface of the mobile application, BOI account holders can access their bank account anywhere without any limits at all.

All The Banking Features: The mobile application allows you to carry out everything that you usually do by visiting your bank branch.

Transfer Money Instantly: The account holders now just need a few seconds to transfer money through the BOI Mobile app.

Canara Bank

Get Started Easily: Every Canara Bank account holder can get started with mobile banking through the Candi Mobile application. One just needs a smartphone, an internet connection, and a debit card to get started with seamless banking.

Do Transfers In Seconds: You no longer need to go to your branch and wait for hours to get a transaction done as one can do the same through the mobile application in seconds.

Countless Features: The Candi Mobile app enables the person to access all the banking features through their mobile apps.

Customer Care Support: The Bank’s mobile application is provided with customer care services which authorize the account holders to find help at any time.

Track Your Loans:  The mobile application providers users with the facility to access their loans, track their loans application and every related information effortlessly.

Central Bank of India

Digital Banking At Its Best: The Cent Mobile application has been launched to provide an uninterrupted and convenient way for account holders to access their accounts.

Easy To Get Started: One can find the mobile application on the app stores easily and can get started with mobile banking in a few steps.

Secure Banking: Mobile banking for the Central Bank of India account holders is synonymous with Secure Banking as one carries out mobile banking in the safest way possible through this app.

A Lot of Features: The Cent mobile application is full of banking features that make banking easy and secure for account holders.

Easy To Use: With a very simple user-interface, one can find mobile banking, extremely easy to use even with the most complicated tasks.

Citi Bank

One-Stop Banking Solution: The Citi Bank In acts as a one-stop solution for all the banking needs of the Citi bank account holders. One can carry out simple and difficult banking tasks easily.

Banking Solution on Fingertips: Citibank IN allows you to move forward with all the banking solutions easily. One can carry out banking anytime & anywhere.

Switch To Smart Banking: Citibank IN allows you to carry out banking operations in a smart way by scrolling through various options provided to you.

Easy To Use: The simple user-interface of the application makes it easy for first time users to navigate the app.

Do Fund Transfer Faster Than Ever: The Citi Bank In mobile application allows you to carry out fund transfers within seconds without any complications at all. 

City Union Bank

Easiest Way Of Banking: CUB Mobile Banking Plus allows the City Union bank account holders to carry out banking in the easiest way now.

Get Started With A Few Simple Steps: The process of getting started with mobile banking is not difficult at all and anyone can get started without any complications.

Bill Payments In Seconds: Whether it is your mobile bill, gas bill, or electricity bill, you no longer need to visit the concerned authorities when you have got access to the CUB Mobile Banking Plus.

Activate Your Wallet: CUB Mobile Banking Plus allow the users to activate their wallets from where they can carry out transactions faster than ever.

All The Banking Features: The application is one-spot for all the mobile banking needs, easing out your life considerably.

DBS Bank

Safest Banking Method: Mobile banking is surely the future of banking and Digi Bank is a mobile app that facilitates the safest and the most convenient banking.

Manage Your Account: The Digi Bank mobile app is the best way to manage your account as you can carry out banking transactions from anywhere and anytime.

Loans & Much More: Now, mobile banking is going to get on a new level as Digi Bank has facilitated most of the financial services through the mobile application. You can take loans, invest in Mutual Funds, and get insurance from the bank app.

Get Started Easily: When you think of getting started with mobile banking, Digi Banking offers the simplest registering process for an account holder to get started.

Fund Transfers At Fingertips: If you are a DBS Bank account holder and want to transfer funds, you can do it in seconds through the mobile application with a lot of ease.

Deutsche Bank

Seamless Banking: Deutsche Bank Mobile allows the account holders to carry out banking in a seamless and complication-free way.

Easiest Navigation: One can switch over to smart banking by using the Deutsche Bank Mobile as one can navigate easily to enjoy all the features of the bank application.

 Endless Benefits: The account holders of Deutsche bank can enjoy endless benefits by carrying out mobile banking. The benefits are related to easy and complicated bank processes.

Fund Transfers Made Easy: Fund transfer is always a complicated task when one gets it done by visiting the bank. However, with Deutsche Bank Mobile, you no longer need to do the same anymore.

Get Started In A Few Steps: One can get started with Deutsche Bank Mobile in a few simple steps. There are no complications whether you are registering with the mobile application of Deutsche bank or using the application.

Dhanlaxmi Bank

Manage Your Account Everyday: Now, you don’t need to visit your branch every day as the mobile application of Dhanlaxmi bank offers you to manage your account by sitting at your place anytime.

Do Fund Transfers In Seconds: DhanSmart is the mobile application for the account holders of Dhanlaxmi bank and they can now do fund transfer easily in seconds.

Do Recharge Easily: Now, with the DhanSmart mobile banking app, you can do a recharge of your mobile, DTH, WiFi, and many more through the mobile application.

Register in a few steps: It is extremely easy for you to get registered with the DhanSmart mobile app as the same requires your details, debit card, or Netbanking details.

Bill Payment Made Easy: Bill payment is something which may be a complicated task but now it isn’t the same anymore. One can do the same through the Dhanlaxmi mobile application which can help you pay bills in seconds.

Federal Bank

Manage Your Account: The FedMobile application presented by the Federal bank helps you manage your account every day without visiting the bank. It is easy and safe.

Bill Payments & Recharges Made Simpler: The Federal Bank account holders don’t need to worry about their bill payments and recharges as they can do the same anytime and from anywhere.

Financial Goals Made Simpler: The federal bank mobile application also allows you to track your financial investments easily and therefore handle your financial goals easily.

Money Transfer In Minutes: Fund Transfer is something that can be carried out easily through the mobile application of the Federal bank. One can transfer money through UPI and NEFT and also many other methods.

Make Travel Bookings: One can now make travel bookings through the banking application of a Federal bank. One can download the mobile application on Android as well as on iOS devices.

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

Simple Registration Procedure: The HDFC Bank mobile banking is very easy to get started with. One can simply register on the banking by entering a few personal details, Net Banking details, or Debit Card details.

A Plethora of Banking Services: The HDFC Bank offers a range of banking services on the mobile app such as Fund Transfer, Mobile Recharge, and payment of bills.

Simple UI: The easy user interface is the sole reason why HDFC Bank MobileBanking is easy and the fastest way to carry out banking applications.

Track Your Money Investments: You can track all your investments easily through the mobile application without moving anywhere from your place. You no longer need to visit your bank for every small transaction.

Anywhere and Anytime Banking: HDFC Bank MobileBanking can be used at any time of the day & night and anywhere in the country.


Instant Transactions: The HSBC India is a mobile banking application that can facilitate instant transactions such as fund transfers or book a fixed deposit.

Account Management Made Easy: Account management is something that holds a lot of importance. Now, one can do the same through a mobile application.

Track Your Account Statements: HSBC India facilitates you to download your bank statement and track every small transaction that took place.

Instant Support: The account holders of HSBC bank can seek banking support anytime and the customer care executives will solve every problem within minutes.

Apply For Loans: The account holders of HSBC Bank can now apply for loans from their home without visiting the bank. Just download the mobile app and apply for loans.  


The Most Secure Banking App: ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay is for sure the safest and secure banking app where all your confidential information is safe.

Fund Transfers In Seconds: The digital technology has made it easier to transfer funds within seconds by following few simple steps in the application.

Managing Your Funds: The app offers you to manage your money through one platform. One can manage savings accounts, recurring deposits and fixed deposits through a few simple steps.

Bank Statement Whenever You Want: Now, you can download the bank statement anytime and anywhere through the iMobile in a few simple steps.

UPI Transactions: ICICI bank account holders can now carry out UPI Transactions with the help of the mobile application and can facilitate fund transfers in seconds.



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