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MARVELous money tips from the Avengers

With Avengers: Endgame just a few days away, our heroes are down to what could be the final fight of their lives. You can take a page out of your heroes’ books and manage your finances in the following ways:


In Avengers: Infinity War, we see how Thanos mercilessly kills to collect the different Infinity Stones (Mind, Time, Soul, Space, Power and Reality), which have immense power and are unique in their capacity. Moreover, these powerful stones are not to be found together, but are hidden in unheard places across the universe. When brought together, the stones give Thanos immense power to wipe out all beings, with just a snap of his finger.

money tips from the Avengers
Money tips from the Avengers

This is why the heroes of the universe fought to keep the stones away from Thanos, to avoid concentration risk. This means, that they wanted to avoid having the stones all in one place, without giving such great power to an evil force. What we learn from this is that we should avoid pooling in all our money in just one banking product.

This is where the benefits of diversification come into play. For example, you need not only invest in high risk instruments like equities, but also investment options that are less volatile and safe such as FDs, debt mutual fund and  bonds. A tip is to diversify  in suchaway that so that your portfolio continues to generate optimum returns despite the market condition. The  major goal of diversification is to minimize risks as much as possible, so that if one investment may turn sour, you still have other investments working out for you.   

Beware of smooth talkers

In Avengers: The Age of Ultron, we see how Tony Stark tries to sell a potential dangerous idea for the ‘good of mankind,’ which the cautious Dr. Banner does not really buy. We see how this idea goes all wrong with thousands of people further dying in Sokovia, with repercussions of this mess carrying on in further movies as well.

If you come across someone who promises you that ‘there are no risks, only high returns’ move out of there! Beware of salesmen and agents who will try to get you to invest in banking products that are ‘supposedly’ going to be very beneficial for you. ‘Misselling’ is rampant,with banking products being missold to the customers for their own ulterior motive. This is where banking awareness comes into play as well. Keep yourself aware about changing market trends and varying interest rates around you. Then, follow your gut and choose wisely for yourself.

It’s is okay to make blunders

How many of you thought that the Star Lord deserved the hate he got or that Thor should have ‘gone for the head?’ In hindsight, we do need to thank these characters for giving us Avengers: Endgame. What we need to take from this is that even heroes make blunders. Most importantly, it is okay to make blunders and we need to learn from the decisions we have made. Luckily for us, unlike our favorite heroes, we do not have to deal with the fate of the entire universe.

When we make a blunder it is firstly important that we accept that we made a mistake and just live with it. Secondly, what we learn from making blunders is where we went wrong. Say for example, EMI is a major cause of tension now as you had upgraded your car. To bring yourself out of that situation, you can talk to a financial advisor or your banker and try to renegotiate the terms of your loan. You could probably ask for an extension for the loan.

Have a back- up plan

In Iron Man 3 we see the Iron Legion, a literal army of Iron Armors in the battle against Aldrich Killian. The Iron Legion is back-up to help Iron Man and the Avengers against evil forces.

money tips from the Avengers
Money tips from the Avengers

Similarly, we too need to have a back- up plan to deal with our financial woes. A savings account is an example of financial backup. Opening a savings account is now easy with Net Banking facilities. With a saving account, you can keep your money secure as well as earn returns on it. Liquid funds is another form of back-up. Liquid funds provide a high level of liquidity and security to the investor’s capital. Thus, they are an important way of parking  excess funds.   

Finally, for those who have watched Avengers: Infinity War, you see Dr. Strange gives up the Time Stone saying that ‘we are in the endgame now.’ He probably means that he is now looking at the bigger picture, that 1 in 14th millionth way to this the war.

money tips from the Avengers
Money tips from the Avengers

In the investing world, it is seen that people withdraw their investments because of unfavourable market conditions or due to peer pressure. And as a result, the investment options fail to give attractive returns. Investing is more about discipline and less about numbers. One way to be a disciplined investor and earn attractive returns is to invest with an end goal in mind. These end goals are your financial goals. These financial goals may vary from an annual foreign vacation, children’s higher education or your dream wedding. When you have the end goal in mind, the other noises will become irrelevant and you will stay on the course to achieve your financial goals.

While navigating through your financial life, you may have made major money mistakes.  But, it is important tolearn from these mistakes and work towards profitable financial planning. Remember, you may have lost a battle but you need not have necessarily lost the war to a plentiful and prosperous financial life.



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