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Make Your Monsoon Easy with Digital Account

Monsoon has already begun and it will go on for months now. Enjoy the monsoon and let your digital account take care of the rest.

Monsoon has already begun and it will go on for months now which can be bad news for many. Many of us do not like to step out of our house to the workplace in rains but you have to because you got no option. Other than this you must also be worried about getting out of your house to pay your bills, do a money transfer, go out for shopping and so much more. You certainly have the option to do all these by sitting on your sofa through your digital account.

Here are a few features of digital account that will help you during monsoon:

Transfer Money

Using your digital account you can transfer money anytime from anywhere. You don’t need to go to your local bank branch to transfer money through slips or cheques. You can directly transfer money from your digital bank account to another bank.

Electricity Bill

You don’t need to stand in queues to pay your electricity bill. You can just log in your digital account, fill the details and pay your electricity bills. That means you don’t have to leave your bed to stand in queues. Also, the best part is you can set the reminder on your digital account of your bill payments.

Mobile Bill or recharge

Your mobile recharge is unpredictable, it can get over anytime anywhere. But you don’t need to worry if you have a digital account. You can recharge your mobile using your digital account. In heavy rains and working for a long hour, no one wants to visit telecommunication office and stand in the queue after going through muddy puddles to pay the mobile postpaid bill. You can use a digital account to pay even postpaid bills. You can even set a reminder for your bill generation date.

DTH Recharge

Every month you have to recharge your DTH by visiting the store. But in monsoon, you don’t want to do anything but wait for till the last date to come or someone else to do it

Travel Tickets

Some people plan trips to places which are famous as monsoon spots. These spots can be close or in another city. On regular days you have to visit the travel agency to book your tickets but you can’t be lucky every time in the rainy season some times the agency can be closed or they are unable to fetch your details due to network issues or the major issue you face is cutting off electricity which will leave you and your agent helpless. You can book your train, bus or flight ticket using a digital account without any difficulties because everyone now has fast internet on phone and do not need wifi or electricity.

Movie Tickets

Movies plans are always the best to have a break from your regular routine but it is not best when it comes to standing in a queue or visiting the theater and the show is full. But your this issue will be solved in a few minutes by using your digital account. You can book your favorite movie tickets before the show gets full by using a digital account.


It is such a hectic to go out for shopping in monsoon. But now you can shop through your digital accounts. You can make online purchases through your digital account. You can place your order and it will be delivered at your doorstep. That’s not all. Many banks have tie ups with various online merchants and it can help you save on the couple of bucks.

Leisure Time

If you are ever bored and have nothing to do. You can scroll down in your digital savings account because some digital accounts have services to pass your time. Like Kotak Mahindra 811 Digital saving account has a magazine subscription where you can subscribe to different magazines related to your interest and get huge offers.

Digital accounts have made things easy in monsoon. There are other services on digital saving account as well as investment options, managing your finance, loan application, credit or debit card application, virtual debit/credit application, etc. You can also scan and pay through your digital saving account.  So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and open a digital saving account and have fun at home.

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