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Lost your debit card? Here's what you can do


  • Contact your bank to block your debit card
  • Reissue your debit card from your mobile app, online banking, or call the toll free number or visit your bank branch.

What do you carry when you go out shopping? A debit card or tons of cash? We like to believe that it is a debit card. The debit card is so simple to use. Whether you are withdrawing money from the ATM or shopping online or you are at the store, a debit card is an absolute necessity in our day to day life.
A debit card is what gives life to your savings account. But what if you lose your debit card? No, we don’t mean to scare you, but it is better to remain prepared for such situations. Your debit card is linked to your savings account, and if your card lands in the wrong hands, you have to bear losses.
Here’s what you should after you lose your bank debit card:

1. Contact your bank

If you have lost your debit card, the first thing you need to do is inform your bank to block your debit card.  It is also better to file an FIR with the police for the same. There are several ways to report this to your bank. You can do it by calling your bank’s toll-free number, through net banking, your bank app or by going to the bank branch.  
If you are doing it online, you may have to enter your phone number and a few other details. You will get a message after your card is blocked. Now you can take a sigh of relief!

2. Reissue a new debit card

Now that your debit card is blocked, you can easily apply for a new debit card. Also, you don’t have to wait for another day to apply for a debit card as you can do that when you block your card. A new debit card will be reissued to you within 2 to 3 working days, and it will be sent by post to your communication address.

Apply for a new card via mobile apps

Mobile banks apps have made banking transactions easy. If you have the bank app, then you can easily apply for a new debit card.  Log in to your bank app and select service requests. You will find the option to apply for a new debit card. Select the card, and it will be dispatched to your mailing address.    

Apply through online banking

If you don’t use your bank app, you can apply for a new debit card through online banking as well. Here’s what you need to do if you lose your SBI debit card:
·        Visit
·        Login to SBI net banking portal with your username and password.
·        Select ‘e-Services.’
·        Click on ‘ATM card services’ option.
·        Click on the ‘Request ATM/debit card’ option on the new page that will appear.
·        Now, you have two options to do so.
·        -Using an OTP
·        -Using your profile password
·        If you select the OTP option, you will receive the OTP on the phone. Enter the OTP and click on submit.
·        Your accounts will be now displayed on the next page
·        Select the account of which you want the card to be issued
·        Select the type of card.
·        Accept the terms and condition.
·        Click on the ‘submit’ option.
And that’s how you can apply for a new SBI debit card. The process of the other banks will be similar. You may find the option to reissue under the service requests and cards.

Apply offline through a branch visit

If you haven’t opted for online banking, you have to visit the bank branch or call their toll-free number to apply for a new debit card. In case you are calling their toll free number, the customer care team requests for a new card on your behalf and a new card will arrive shortly.
If you want to visit a bank branch, you can do that too. You may have to fill a debit card replacement form. You can later collect the debit card from the bank or tell the bank officials to send it to your mailing address.

These were the top 3 ways to apply for a new debit card if you lose your card. However, you should note that banks charge will charge a fee for replacement. The fee will vary from bank to bank. However, it will be a nominal amount compared to the benefits that you can take from your debit card.  

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