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Voracious reader? Your Kotak 811 account gives you full access to the Amazon Kindle store!

The rise of digital India

Over the last few years, cellular service providers in India have ramped up on internet service offerings and made data plans quite affordable considering heavy competition. Because of these trends, the Indian consumer has been spending an increasing amount of time online.

It’s apparent that your lives are made simpler with the advent of technology to book movie tickets, make easy payments, hail rides at the touch of a button and browse all varieties of goods on online shopping platforms. In addition, the way you read for education or entertainment has undergone a shift from the days when you used to have physical books towards digital platforms like online blogging websites and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle. As compared to a few years ago where each of these services could be time consuming and need your physical presence, online experiences have become more ubiquitous for the sheer convenience they provide.

Embrace the move to digital with Kotak

To encourage every consumer to take a step forward on their digital journey, we at Kotak Bank are offering unlimited access to Kindle e-books for our new and existing customers of Kotak 811 account. Account holders can avail of up to an 80% discount to e-books in the Kindle catalogue. The Kindle book store features an expansive catalog of millions of titles. With the biggest bestsellers to more niche authors from a variety of backgrounds and genres, the Kindle store houses e-books catering to the interests of a diverse audience.

Another plus is that books are available in six languages, which include English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and Gujarati. Multilingual readers and customers from different regions of the country fluent in different languages can download books in whatever language they feel most comfortable in.

The bank aims to keep boosting the stream of benefits it offers to its 811 customers and is exploring similar offers to the Kindle service, so they can provide more value to its users.


The above-mentioned benefits available to our customers are compelling by themselves, but benefits like Kindle access and heavy discounts on e-books adds even more value to the digitally savvy person.

Our digital offers such as access to the Kindle store are just one part of its essence of bringing individuals together on a digital platform to make their lives simpler. As more Indians become tech-savvy and start using digital services for all their needs, the landscape will see a greater shift to satisfy their demands.


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6%* p.a.
( 6.5% p.a. for Senior Citizens)(Open Kotak 811 and Book an FD to earn up to 7.00% interest)
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  • You can now avail the benefits of the banking solutions with a single touch
  • Kotak 811 offers a virtual debit card (VDC) for the ease of online banking
  • Ideal for all your daily needs such as shopping, groceries, cab payments, and various others
  • Earn 7.00% interest on fixed deposits and Senior Citizens can earn upto 6.5% p.a. To know more click
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(Up to Rs. 1 Lakh)
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  • Open an account only with the help of your Aadhar Card Can apply for this account at the micro ATM of IDFC Bank
  • Account offers Internet & mobile banking, free & unlimited ATM services, and various others.

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