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Is Money Making Your Pause Your Travel Plans? Here’s No Cost EMIs

Zest’s No Cost EMI can help you to fulfill your travel goals.

Aspirations and goals of today’s generations are no longer the same. While older people planned for a car and buying a house was a priority, the needs and goals of the younger sections are no longer the same. They believe in experiences rather than material possessions. And, when it comes to experiences, travel plays a crucial role. Young people are planning to travel like never before.

After all, travelling helps to see the side of us that we would not notice otherwise. Millennials love to travel. After all, isn’t life about exploring and becoming a new version of ourselves. Travelling helps us to do that.

We take the highs and lows of travelling in stride but there is one thing that holds us back from travelling to our heart’s desire. Yes, you are right. It’s money.

There are many ways to fund your travel expenses such as credit card or personal loan. Another new way to fulfil your travel goals is by spreading the cost over 3 to 6 months.

ZestMoney, a fin-tech company founded in 2016, offers instant financing at checkout while booking a flight ticket or other travel activities. On their 3-month and 6-month EMI plan, they offer no-cost EMI with 0% interest. This means that you don’t have to pay any interest if you spread your travel expenses over a couple of months.

Eg., If you are booking an international flight ticket from Mumbai to New York that costs Rs. 60,000. By choosing to pay with ZestMoney, you can pay just INR 10,00 per month for the next 6 months without paying any interest.
Currently, for your travelling purposes, you can use the facility on Yatra and MakeMyTrip.

Here’s how you use ZestMoney’s no-cost EMI for your travel goals:

Step 1: After you have booked the flight and have proceeded towards the payment. In the payment option, select EMI (No cost EMI)


Step 2: Select ZestMoney EMI present at the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Login with your ZestMoney credentials and complete the payment procedure. And it’s done.


Features of Zest’s No cost EMI

Recurring payment: With Zest, you don’t have to worry about keeping a track of your EMIs as Zest automatically debits the EMI from your savings account.

EMI Plan: Once the EMI plan is selected, you won’t be able to change the EMI tenure.

Pre-closure: You can foreclose the EMI by paying the remaining amount in one go. You won’t be charged any additional charges. You can call the customer care number at 9343422556for further details.

Repayment: Once the payment takes place, the repayment date can’t be changed.

CIBIL Score: As paying your credit card dues on time help to increase your CIBIL Score, same is the case with Zest’s no cost EMI. With the automatic repayment options, it will help you to boost your CIBIL Score.

Disadvantages of Zest No cost EMI

Zest Money is available with only a few travel partners like Yatra and MakeMyTrip. Many sites like and are not included.

You may be tempted to spend more money than you can. No cost EMI increases your purchasing power and allows you to make travel bookings that may not be very economical.

The no-cost EMI may impact your monthly budget. So, it is important to consider how the EMI is going to impact your budget and take adequate steps.

Final Words about Zest’s No cost EMI:

ZestMoney’s No cost EMI is not an innovative product as many banks including Kotak Mahindra Bank have no-cost EMI option. Hence, if you are looking for no-cost EMI, you can easily take a no cost EMI through your bank.

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