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How to open account through ICICI Bank Video KYC

icici bank video kyc

In the current scenario, banks are coming up with ways to make the lives of their customers easy. And implementing video KYC is one step towards this process. After Kotak launched video KYC for their 811 customers, many banks such as ICICI Bank have introduced video-based KYC facility for their customers.


ICICI Bank launched video-based KYC through which customers can open a new savings account, salary account, avail personal loan, and ‘Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card from the bank.

With the help of video KYC, customers can avail the different services of the bank from the comforts of their home without visiting the bank branch. As a result, you can save time and remain safe from contracting any infections.

Open a Savings Account 

Savings account is the simplest banking facility. ICICI Bank offers ‘Insta Save’ savings account to its new customers. It is a digital savings account that new customers can open online by visiting the bank’s website.

After the online account opening journey, customers get the option to verify their KYC details through video KYC. Earlier, Insta Save customers had to visit their nearest ICICI Bank branch with the required KYC documents to complete their verification process. 

ICICI Bank offers ‘Video KYC’ for other savings account variants like ‘The One’ and  Gold Privilege account. Customers need to connect with the relationship manager or branch official to open these accounts through video KYC.

How to Open ICICI Bank Insta Save through video KYC

Individuals who don’t have any relationship with ICICI Bank can open the account. Also, as per regulatory requirements, the customers need to be an Indian citizen and should be present in India at the time of account opening.

Step 1: Visit the bank’s website or click on the link to start the journey.

Step 2: Enable location access when requested by the bank’s website. This checks your location as you can open the account through video KYC from India. If you block the location by mistake, you can unblock the website from your browser settings.

Step 3: Enter your personal details such as mobile number, PAN, authenticate your details through Aadhaar OTP and provide other demographic details.     

Step 4: After you complete filling the online application, you have the option to click on the Video KYC tab to complete the KYC process.  

Step 5: You will connect to an ICICI Bank officer who will conduct the KYC through video conferencing. Connecting to a bank official may take a few minutes.

Step 6: Keep your PAN card, a blank white sheet or blue/black pen handy. A good network will also make it easier to complete the process easily. Follow the instructions of the bank official.  The bank official will take the image of your face, PAN and signature over video call.

 Step 7: After the video KYC is complete, the bank will convert the account into a full-fledged savings account with no restrictions with life-time validity.

Things to remember before carrying out ICICI Bank’s Video KYC

  • The process is available for new to the bank customers.
  • You need to be in India to carry out the video KYC process.
  • Only Indian citizens can open Insta Save Account through video-based KYC process.
  • Keep your PAN card, Aadhaar number handy, Aadhaar registered mobile number, a blank paper and blue/black pen handy.

Frequently asked questions on ICICI Bank Video KYC

When can I carry out the Video KYC?

The video KYC is available on Monday to Friday from 9.15 AM to 6.15 PM. The facility is not available on banking holidays.

What documents do I need for video KYC?

You will need your PAN card and Aadhaar number for video KYC.

Is there any minimum average balance for account opened through video KYC process?

The minimum average balance for InstaSave account is Rs.10,000. However, if you book a fixed deposit of Rs.10,000, the minimum average balance requirement is waived off.

What happens if I don’t complete the video KYC?  

If you don’t complete the video KYC, the bank will open a limited KYC account that you can use instantly. However, you need to complete the full KYC by visiting the bank branch or video KYC to complete the KYC process within 12 months from account opening.

How much time will it take to convert my account into a full-fledged account?

After the video KYC process, the bank will open your full-fledged savings account within 2 hours.

Can I complete the video KYC now as I didn’t complete the video KYC during the online account opening process?

Yes, you can complete the video KYC.

I tried the video KYC, but it wasn’t successful. What should I do?

A bank officer will get in touch with you to complete the KYC process through biometric process and remove the restrictions from your account.

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