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How to spend time with your friend without spending money

Want to spend more time with your friend but don’t want to spend time partying in a pub or going to the movies? Don’t worry. You are not alone. We all have been there.

Friends are an integral part of everyone’s lives. But as we get older, we tend to make fewer friends. However, being in touch with friends and spending time together is very important for overall health.

But a weekend with friends or a few hours with friends may not be good for your savings account. Spending time with your friends should not be a money-draining experience. To come up with inexpensive ways to spend time with your friends requires a creative approach.
You may go about in different friend circles. While one group may consist of your school buddies, the other group may consist of your ex-colleagues.

The first step in this process would be to find out common interests among you and your friends. This will make it easier for you to find out about the things that you can do without spending a lot of money.

Here are a few ways to spend time with your friends without spending a lot of money:

Go for a movie marathon

Seeing a movie in a theatre on weekends can be an expensive affair. And, there is overpriced popcorn to fatten your bill. If you love seeing movies or shows, you can watch movies on any movie streaming site such as Netflix, Hotstar or go for reruns of Friends show. Plus, you can talk to your friends as well which is something that you can’t do in a cinema hall.

If you like popcorns with your movie, just a microwave a pack of popcorns for less than 50 bucks. Want cheesy popcorn, grate some cheese on top. You can also deep fry some French fries or chicken nuggets to munch during the movie or show.

Cook something together

Do you love cooking?
Cooking is a great way to bond with your friends. It improves the level of communication between friends as well. Cook a simple staple food with your friend. Or, get your chef’s hat on and cook up something stormy. Many Youtube videos will describe the entire cooking procedure to the minutest detail. Don’t worry about getting all the ingredients. A few major ingredients are all you need.

You can also experiment with the things that are available in your pantry. Sometimes it is good not to go by the book.

Find free events in the city

There are events taking place every other weekend. While most of them will be paid events, there will be few events that will be free to all. You can look for events in online events websites. Or, you can google free events in your city name. Cycling expeditions, food festivals, literature festivals, spoken word are some of the categories of free events that you can visit with your friends.

Volunteer for a social cause

Volunteering gives immense happiness. There is nothing like doing something for society or giving back to society. There are many volunteering works that you can do with your friends. Some groups carry out different volunteering works. Some clean beaches while others collect unsold food from restaurants that are later used to feed hungry people. You can volunteer to teach your favourite subjects to underprivileged kids. Find the cause that you and your friend is most passionate about.

Do simple crafts

Did you enjoy crafts as a kid and your parents and teachers would shower praises on you? If yes, then it is time to get that back on track. Whether it is making birthday cards or personalise your jewellery box, today you have more opportunities and resources to give your creativity a new pair of wings. Pinterest will also help you to come with new design ideas. Save the best ones for inspiration.

Who knows this can later help you set up an online store and sell your creations to your friends and colleagues?

Play adult board games

Back in the day when there were no television and other forms of entertainment, board games were a favourite pass time among people. Board games bring people closer. Chess and ludo are some of the popular games which many of us have played as kids.

Now as adults, you can access several board games meant chiefly for adults. The Voting Game, Cards vs Sanskaar are some of the adult board games. If you are fan of the Game of Thrones, there is a monopoly game based on this hit series as well.

Conclusion: Spending time with your friends don’t have to be an expensive affair. These were the few ways that can help you to spend quality time with your friends.



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