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How to open bank account online

Nowadays, almost everything can be done online. You might be probably already aware of paying bills online, buying products & services online, transferring money online, and so more. With the advent of the high-end Internet technology & its various applications, life has become much simpler in the current era. With the concept of online account opening, you are offered the ease of opening a bank account through the online medium –using your laptop, computer system, or even the smartphone. Online account opening offers the facility of opening, managing, and doing various types of financial transactions seamlessly online without having the need to go to the respective bank branch. Owing to its immense popularity, the customers worldwide are now availing this high-end service to make banking operations easier for them.

Things You Need to Consider When Opening an Online Account:

Opening your bank account online might involve a few sets of specific operations & documents before you begin the process of managing your account.

For most of the leading banks & financial institutions, you can begin your online account opening with a few items as listed below:

  • Personal Information: Any account opening process that is carried out online requires you to provide valid personal information for the purpose of effective authentication. You might need to provide vital details like your full name, current residential address, age, ID details, date of birth, and others in order to open an account online.
  • Contact Information: In addition to the personal details, you are also likely to provide personal contact information including your permanent address, your current residential address, phone number, email address, and others. This will help the bank in being touch with you from time to time.
  • Funding Information: How would you like to fund your account? Most of the banks usually require an initial amount of minimum funds required to open an account. For doing the same online, you might make use of the debit or credit cards or provide an account number to some other bank account towards funding your current bank account.

Steps to Open a Bank Account Online

Opening a bank account might appear intimidating. However, with the ease of online account opening, you can sit at home and open your respective bank account with a few simple clicks. Here are some of the major steps that you need to carry out while opening a bank account online:

  • Choose the Particular Bank or Financial Institution: When you wish to open a bank account, the first thing that you would like to make sure is the particular bank or financial institution. For coming up with the best results, you can try doing some research on your part. Depending on your banking & financial needs, select the best match for yourself towards opening a bank account.
  • Visit the Bank’s Site or Mobile App: When you wish to open an account online, you can do it either through the bank’s official site or the mobile app. Most of the leading banks nowadays offer the ease of opening accounts through both the site as well as the mobile app. Be ready with all your valid information & necessary scanned documents including ID proof and others.
  • Select the Type of Account: There are various kinds of account options provided by the banks. On the basis of your personal financial preferences, you can go for selecting the best option including savings, current and others while opening the bank account online.
  • Fund Your Account: Once you are done with entering your personal information & selecting the type of bank account, you can go ahead with funding your account. Now, your account is up & running. Start availing its services.

Once you have set up your online bank account, you can use it for carrying out a plethora of activities including paying bills online, making online purchases, transferring funds, and so more. Have a great time!


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