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How pay later apps saved the weekend

Rachna did not have a lot of money in her savings account. And, pay later apps saved her weekend.

Rachna would have felt miserable that weekend if she didn’t have any pay later app. It was month-end and she hardly had any money in her salary account. It is not that she had wasted all her money, but with her best friend visiting Delhi for a workshop, she couldn’t help but book a ticket to Delhi. And the tickets although they were not expensive they were not cheap either.

Although she had an emergency fund to take care of the emergencies, she didn’t consider meeting up her best friend after six months as an emergency. It is not that it was. Also, she didn’t have any other option. And after all her SIPs, term insurance premium was auto-debited from her savings account and paying her rent, there was nothing in her bank account.

And when the weekend came, with no money in her account, she didn’t feel like going out with her friends and party. Rachna thought that staying one weekend in the flat will save her bank balance from getting eroded.

How pay later apps saved her Saturday

Saturday came and it came with clouds and rain. It was nice weather to sleep but it came with a melancholy feeling. She could not understand what to do and what was the reason behind the feeling. Although she had a to-do list, she could not be bothered to get up from her bed.

And then afternoon arrived with pangs of hunger. She didn’t have money to order food, she didn’t feel like cooking anything and with no credit cards, she didn’t what to do. Rachna remembered that she can opt for ‘buy now pay later’ option on her food delivery app. This worked just like a credit card but without its physical presence. She had to clear her dues by the third of the next month along with any other pending transactions.

She ordered her favourite pasta and licked her fingers clean. It was a satisfying meal. Then, she slept. Later in the evening, she got cravings for pizza. She had ordered one from her favourite pizza chain. Her order was taken care of by the pay later app. Thanks to the pay later apps, her Saturday was tolerable.

How pay later apps saved her Sunday

Sunday was clear. The shower has made all the surroundings bright and green. It was a nice day to go out and have some fun. She wanted to do some activity. She looked at an online travel aggregator site and looked for classes. As she was fond of cooking, she opted for a cooking class. The fee was again taken care of by a pay later app.

After she was done with her class, she went to see a movie. She booked her show through an app and the price of the ticket was also taken care of by a pay later app. It has been long since she had gone to a movie show alone. She loved her experience and returned to her flat feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

She was ready for Monday!

Pay later apps saved her weekend and helped her to have a satisfying weekend. While pay later apps provide immense value, one can easily go overboard with it. Hence, it is important to keep a check.


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